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Information for Business Owners

How to get involved

If your business is not currently listed on our site, then you are welcome to add it yourself, totally free of charge. Just make sure you have signed up and are logged in, and then visit our add a new business page.

Once your business is listed on the site and you have registered yourself as a user, you can also register yourself as a representative of that business. There is a link to do that on the listing page of each business.

Once we have approved you as a representative of your business (we may contact you by phone or email to check you are who you say you are), you will be able to make instant changes to your listing including adding a paragraph describing the business. You can also add a photograph and as many menus as you want. The menus can be added in several different ways to make it as easy as possible for you. You can upload a PDF, upload images, enter text, link to an existing menu on another website or use our interactive tool to create a structured menu from scratch.

Once you are registered as a representative of your business, you will also receive email alerts when someone writes a new review of your business. We are currently in the process of adding some tools allowing you to respond to reviews users leave on your page.

If you don't want to sign up to the site, but have noticed errors with your listing, just contact us and we'll make any changes for you.

All of this functionality will be provided 100% free of charge. In the future there will also be the ability to increase your exposure on the site in the form of featured reviews, sponsored listings and other forms of advertising. If you are interested in finding out more about this, just contact us.

Please don't be tempted to write a 5 star review of your own business on this site! We monitor closely reviews (and in particular 5 star reviews!) left on this site and reviews that we don't believe to be reputable will not be published. Any repeated attempts to artificially inflate the rating for your business on the site will result in reviewing being disabled for your business.