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A Room in the West End

Scottish, British and Bistro Restaurant

3.8 out of 5 3.8/5 from 3 reviews (add your opinion)

69 William Street
New Town

Phone: 0131 226 1036
Fax: 0131 226 1036

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Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 1200-1430
Sat-Sun: 1200-1500
Sun-Thu: 1730-2200
Fri-Sat: 1730-2200


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Tags: wifi byob restaurant licensed british bistro scottish 5pm bookonline seafood modern aroominthewestend offers teuchters aroomin

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3 user reviews:

Ishkhara's image

2.5 from Ishkhara (55%) on June 25th, 2009 (9 years ago)

A Room in the West End, 69 William Street, EH3 7NH, Edinburgh

I've only been visited this restaurant once but I'm afraid that I won't be in a hurry to go back. I found it to be noisy and over-priced. The duck risotto which I ordered tasted lovely but contained small, sharp bones and was not IMHO worth a £15 price tag. I could have made the same dish at home and fed six people with larger portions for the same price! The ringing phone which one of the previous reviewers mentioned was also an issue with me - the restaurant is small and noisy enough without a telephone constantly ringing without being answered. Not very good customer service either! A Room In The West End struck me as being a little pretentious and I wasn't overly impressed by the quality of the food or by the service. There are numerous places in town where I can get similar food and better service in a more pleasant environment.

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4 from Rich (29%) on October 22nd, 2007 (11 years ago)

A Room in the West End, 69 William Street, EH3 7NH, Edinburgh

This is a small restaurant in the basement of a busy pub, but dont let this put you off. Its predominantly a fish restaurant and not a bad one at that.

I found it to have a good atmposphere (other than the phone which appeared to be linked to the speakers, which was odd as the insesant ringing didnt seem to motivate any form of answering by the waiting staff). Despite the service being moderate at best, the food was good and the menu more than acceptable. The restaurant is also BYOB whcih always helps on the price. My abiding memory of the place is that it had the best cheese board I have seen in Edinburgh.

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5 from Alicat (22%) on April 2nd, 2008 (11 years ago)

A Room in the West End, 69 William Street, EH3 7NH, Edinburgh

I absolutely love this restaurant, the venue is the basement under Teuchters Pub, although there is no sign of the pub... or any noise from the pub in the restaurant. The decor is colourful paintings and casual seating with alcoves provided for those looking for some privacy or just something a little different.

The staff are casual and friendly and know about the food they have on their menu. The menu is traditional Scottish with steaks, lamb, game and an abundance of fish on offer... and of course always something for the vegetarians. Finishing with the cheeseboard has got to be one of the best decisions of the night!

To top it all off it's BYOB but you can buy there... can't say fairer than that!

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