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Hewat's Restaurant

Scottish and British Restaurant

4 out of 5 4/5 from 2 reviews (add your opinion)

19-21b Causewayside

Phone: 0131 466 6660
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Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Wed-Sat: 1200-1400
Tue-Sat: 1800-2230
Sun: 1230-1500


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2 user reviews:

4 from MartinR (88%) on October 29th, 2009 (8 years ago)

Hewat's Restaurant, 19-21b Causewayside, EH9 1QF, Edinburgh

Specialising in 'modern Scottish dishes with a twist of French', the Hewat team of husband (head chef) and wife (front of house) have been running their own restaurant here for several years after Richard Hewat served his time as head chef at Fishers in Leith.

I have lived so close to this restaurant for a good length of time and every time I walked past I berated myself for not having tried it yet. And, finally, I am happy to be the first person to review it on Edinburgh Menus, and also slightly surprised that no one has reviewed it previously.

We booked for 7.30 and were politely and promptly shown to our seats. The reception area of the restaurant is separate to the dining area, and provides comfy settees and a bar for a pre-dining drink. It also ensures the cold doesn't infiltrate the dining area from the front door.

We were offered two menus, a pre-7.30 'dine for a tenner' menu, which I can't comment on as we didn't even look at it because the 'midweek' A la Carte menu was so sumptuously tempting. Both myself and my partner could have eaten one of each! The menu offered two courses for £18.50 (I think) and three courses for an extra supplement of about £8.00.

We were brought a jug of water with our menus, and a few minutes later a very pleasant basket of a selection of warm breads. Our orders were taken quickly, and the food arrived in good time.

My starter of black pudding and bacon with haggis risotto was astonishingly good. Perfectly cooked, beautifully presented, and exactly the right amount for a starter. Over the table, the Venison and balsamic onions were being enjoyed but not quite as much.

On to the main course which, for me, was sirloin steak with vegetables and a peppercorn sauce. The vegetables were seared potatoes and green beans, which were lovely. The steak was a good size, cooked as ordered, and pleasant, but the dish as a whole was fairly average and nothing special.

However, my partner's choice of duck breast was going down a treat. It was, she said, the most beautifully prepared meal and certainly the best duck she had ever tasted in both presentation, preparation, and quality of meat.

Having washed our meals down with a couple of glasses of house Rioja (very, very nice), we didn't stay for dessert.

The bill came to just over £40, which was excellent value.

I liked Hewat's a lot, but not quite as much as I was expecting to. The service was impeccable and could not be faulted. The decor is lovely, intimate but not overly so, modern but with a nod to traditional, and the floor is a beautiful black and white tile.

There were two parties of six in with us, and this made the place feel a little cramped, especially as one party were overly loud, and the other were complaining that they had arrived at 7.35 and were not being allowed the 'dine for a tenner' menu. One of the diners even offered the waitress 'a fight to decide it', which she politely declined rather than slapping him around the head with the menu, as she should have done (this is why I do not work in restaurants, obviously). perhaps it was this that made the ambience feel somewhat wanting.

I will certainly return to Hewat's, but more than anything it will be because the bill is extremely reasonable for the quality of food and service, rather than the atmosphere and ambience.

Overall, a very good dining experience, but I was hoping for a little more.

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4 from kernohan (6%) on May 30th, 2011 (7 years ago)

Hewat's Restaurant, 19-21b Causewayside, EH9 1QF, Edinburgh

A family dinner for nine for my daughter's 18th birthday was a marvellous occasion. The staff were very friendly, patient and efficient, handling a latecomer and a birthday cake without batting an eyelid. The menu was interesting, as was the wine list. The food was excellent, both in taste and presentation. I commend the black pudding with haggis risotto as a starter to die for. Hewat's is slightly out of the way so I suspect it doesn't get the passing trade it deserves. For a nice dinner rather than a quick meal it is really good value. And it gets points for not fussing around asking if everything is all right every ten minutes!

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