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Hotel du Vin

French and Scottish Restaurant

4 out of 5 4/5 from 2 reviews (add your opinion)

2 Forrest Road
Bristo Place

Phone: 0845 365 4438
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Hotel du Vin

Price: ££££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:


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2 user reviews:

4.5 from mdavidson (96%) on December 11th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Hotel du Vin, 2 Forrest Road, EH1 1EY, Edinburgh

Hotel du Vin is a new “boutique” hotel located in the Forest Road triangle. There a large bistro restaurant on the ground floor with a bar on the first floor (apparently due to some sort of licensing rules the bar was not allowed to be easily accessible from the street). The ambience and decoration are very pleasant. I though that the menu was absolutely fantastic – lots of French classics with a few twists. Mains were priced from £12 to £20 while most of the starters were around £6.

When it came to ordering I was spoiled for choice but opted for pork belly to start and coq au vin for main. My girlfriend went with chicken parfait followed by rib eye steak. The pork belly was beautifully tender and came with an interesting mint and caper sauce – the saltiness of the capers worked really well with the dish. The coq au vin was also excellent, my only complaint being that the portion was a bit too big - it tasted so good I was ashamed not to be able to eat all of it!

Instead of desert we opted for petit fours – deep fried mars bar and irn bru Turkish delight. The deep fried mars bar was as would be expected – a warm, sweet, sickly ball – worth trying and perfect for the Scottish palate.

The night I dined there was one of the first since opening so I imagine that the quality will only improve. I can definitely see myself returning in future.

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3.5 from MarchmontMan (42%) on October 16th, 2009 (9 years ago)

Hotel du Vin, 2 Forrest Road, EH1 1EY, Edinburgh

A friend and I booked an early evening deal at Hotel du Vin, a location we had been keen to try for sometime.

We walked through the nice internal (but outdoors) courtyard which looked like it would be great in the summer with plenty outside seating and found our way to the bistro. Greeted almost immediately, we were shown to what we think was probably the smallest table in the room (but we were the cheap seats).

The restrictions to our choices on our deal were explained and we were shown the wine list. We explained to the wine waiter that our deal included a bottle of house wine and he delivered it accordingly - a very non-descript French Merlot.

We started with devilled lambs kidneys that were nicely done, good portion, probably would have benefitted from more sauce. Also a smoked salmon 'classic' that came with flakes of egg, making it rather like a kedgeree in the mouth and therefore the same effect might have been had with a cheaper smoked fish.

For my main I chose black bream. This was nicely done with olives, but those interested in quantity beware - it was a single small fillet. By way of contrast, my friend had ordered the chicken & leek pie which was a very substantial affair. It looked great and tasted pretty good, not startling though and I think he was a little concerned about the salt content of this dish. We had to order sides as the dishes don't come with veg unless explained in the description. Mashed potato & a portion of very good chips - I suppose at £2.95 each these do begin to shoot the price up.

Finally, we shared a cheese plate. This was served with great enthusiasm by the manager. The damage is £ 8.50 but there were 5 cheeses and nice bread & home baked biscuits. Good quality coffee in a generous sized cup followed - included in our deal. All in all £ 29 for the offer we had including wine and coffee is extremely generous compared to the full menu prices & with our extras plus tip we paid about £ 50. I think that's just about what it was all worth really. I'm happy to pay much more for quality, but I would think twice about returning to pay the full prices here. But then again you usually get what you pay for & perhaps the most exciting dishes they have are not available to those looking on a dinner deal option - we saw some very amusingly shaped souffles coming out of the kitchen for, presumably, full paying diners.

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