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Fishandchips, Pizza and Kebab Takeaway

4.4 out of 5 4.4/5 from 6 reviews (add your opinion)

207 West Granton Road

Phone: 0131 551 3947
Alt Phone: 0131 552 5428

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Price: £££

Takeaway: Yes
Delivery: Yes (Local delivery charge from £1.20)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 1200-0000
Fri: 1200-0100
Sat: 1600-0100
Sun: 1600-0000


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6 user reviews:

Ishkhara's image

4 from Ishkhara (55%) on August 6th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Javits, 207 West Granton Road, EH5 1PD, Edinburgh

Javits is probably one of my favourite takeaways in Edinburgh, for a number of reasons.

1. The food is really that good. I've tried their fish and chips, kebabs and pizzas and they're all fantastic. I'd recommend trying the Yoghurt Chicken or Shish, Turkey's answer to lasagne, with layers of chopped pitta bread, meat, garlic sauce and topped off with a bubbling layer of cheese. Amazing!

2. The food counters are kept absolutely spotless.

3. The staff are always really friendly and like to have a joke with you - the boy got caught with the 'spicy olives' scam, lol!

So, as long as you have a good sense of humour and stay away from any 'spicy' olives you're offered you should be fine! ;)

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4 from JoeyPike (40%) on September 12th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Javits, 207 West Granton Road, EH5 1PD, Edinburgh
Image by JoeyPike

I like fish and chips.

I like fish and chips way too much for my own good.

Having spent 10 years in London where the fish and chips staple is cod (sacrilege!) and if you can get a haddock it's skinny and grey, one of the things my mrs and I were most looking forward to on our return to Scotland was a decent fish supper (not cod and chips "twice" - TWO FISH SUPPERS!!).

Lucky for us, Javits is not far away.

I almost had a tear in my eye on the first visit at the sight of proper fish and true delights like white, red and black puddings, two types of haggis and some battered sausages, the king rib had me drooling, it was almost a religious experience.

Every visit since, the chips have always been fresh and hot, the portions generous and the miscellany of deep fried, non fishy goodies I've tried have all been exactly what I wanted and tasted great. A couple of times, the fish hasn't perhaps been as fresh as I would like but that's the exception rather than the rule.

The fish servings are particularly generous and a supper consists of one large or two small haddock and all for a fiver. (In my pursuit of decent fish and chips in London, I've paid over £9 for a "jumbo" haddock and chips takeaway and they never got close to the quality of Javits.)

As has already been pointed out, the counters are always clean and the staff are well turned out and friendly.

So great stuff all round but c'mon Edinburgh, what's the deal with salt and sauce??? Bleurch..!

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4.5 from RoseRodent (35%) on June 28th, 2011 (7 years ago)

Javits, 207 West Granton Road, EH5 1PD, Edinburgh

Quality take-away, extremely clean, wide range of food and other extras like being able to pay your bills, top up your phone, new alcohol off-sales license though haven't used that service myself. I can't give it 5 stars because as a wheelchair user I'll never give 5 stars unless I can get in with no hassles all by myself. Street parking and semi-off street (street bays, not sure who owns them) parking available but you might wait a while to get in the bays, this place is popular as anything and with other take-away outlets, crossing point and bus stops you may have to park up the road, but you won't wait long for parking because people are in and out.

And here's my cautionary note re delivery:

Even if you pay for your order with a card, you must pay the delivery charge in cash to the delivery driver. If you want to order out but you can't muster up any cash at all then you are stumped for Javit's cos they don't accept cards for the full amount including delivery fee. They don't mention this anywhere on their publicity, just "we accept credit cards" so it's a blow to find out you have to go searching for sofa cash and ring them back.

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clockworksatan's image

5 from clockworksatan (31%) on December 16th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Javits, 207 West Granton Road, EH5 1PD, Edinburgh

We'd driven past Javits a few times before deciding to venture into its very brightly lit and shiny interior, and after one of their menus was posted through our letterbox we were seduced by the sheer selection of food available.

Once we were in the place, we were immediately impressed with the cleanliness of it. The staff are continuously cleaning the place as they work - every stainless steel surface gleams under the bright shop lights and I'm sure that you could probably eat off it. They're also incredibly friendly - I visited there on Saturday night for the first time in a while and they recognised me straight away and we were soon nattering away like good friends - so don't go there expecting the usual frown and minimal conversation as the staff at Javit's like to have fun and have played various amusing pranks on me such as handing me empty pizza boxes and daring me to eat a 'special' olive which packed with seriously hot chillis!

Anyway, the food is really good too. You have your normal (albeit heavily expanded) Edinburgh chippy selection on the counter to the right - their fish is always cooked while you wait and is amazingly crispy and very tasty. The counter to the left is where the real magic happens; the pizzas, 'proper' kebabs, burgers, pasta... All made from scratch while you watch.

The hot'n'spicy 10" pizza I had the other night was seriously delicious and far better than the overpriced crap they pump out at Dominoes. The base was that perfect combination of crispy and chewy, there was loads of cheese, spicy beef and jalapeno's on it. No scrimping on toppings at Javit's, then!

They also offer a rather unique set of kebabs - one of which is what they describe as the turkish equivalent to lasagne: the 'yoghurt chicken' kebab. It comes served in a metal dish and features charcoal grilled chicken layered with chunks of pitta bread in a smooth yoghurt & tomato sauce. Seriously, this is good stuff. The Shashlik kebab is even nicer; herby lamb chunks covered in a beautiful sauce with onions and salad... I think my belly just grumbled when I thought of it there!

To sum up: if you're in the area, there are a few chippies but Javit's is by far the best. It's sensibly priced, the food is amazing and the staff are brilliant. As far as chippies go, this is a five star one.

They also deliver, woohoo!

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5 from Charles Alexander Kirk (12%) on March 17th, 2012 (7 years ago)

Javits, 207 West Granton Road, EH5 1PD, Edinburgh

I have only stayed in the area for a year. In that time not a lot has impressed me until I ordered from Javits. The shop is impressive and spotless. The staff are friendly and always working hard. The shelves are always packed and there is a huge selection to choose from. Ordering over the phone is easy and the woman that answers is always cheerful and friendly... The delivery drivers are always friendly and have a smile. Personally I love doner calzone Pizza. I have tried them in a lot of places but nothing comes close to Javits. I fully recommend this takeaway and I look forward to my next doner calzone.

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4 from steven (12%) on July 25th, 2009 (9 years ago)

Javits, 207 West Granton Road, EH5 1PD, Edinburgh

Best takeaway I have come across.

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