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Palm Court

British Cafe and Bar/Pub

4 out of 5 4/5 from 1 review (add your opinion)

The Balmoral Hotel
1 Princes Street, New Town

Phone: 0131 556 2414

Palm Court

Price: ££

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 0900-1800


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1 user review:

andy's image

4 from andy (83%) on February 11th, 2008 (11 years ago)

Palm Court, The Balmoral Hotel, EH2 2EQ, Edinburgh

I took my gran here for afternoon tea one afternoon mid-week. As you'd expect from Edinburgh's grandest, most traditional hotel, the atmosphere, quality of service and food was excellent. The tea just tasted like tea to me, but there was a huge selection.

I had already had a big lunch the day we went and my gran doesn't eat much, so we didn't make much dent on the 3 tiered ensemble of sandwiches, scones and cakes. Not a problem - everything we didn't eat was boxed up for us to take away with us - and without having to ask!

At £21/head it's definitely a lot to pay for a pot of tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes but she'll love you for it!

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