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The Apartment

Scottish and British Restaurant

3.7 out of 5 3.7/5 from 11 reviews (add your opinion)

7-13 Barclay Place
EH10 4HW

Phone: 0131 228 6456

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Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:


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Tags: pretheatre restaurant licensed british bistro theapartment apartment scottish

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11 user reviews:

3.5 from mdavidson (96%) on April 21st, 2008 (10 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

I have lived near the Apartment on and off for around 8 years now and, as a result of hearing many good reviews, have been meaning to go there for around 6 of those years. However, I only recently managed my fist visit.

The menu is quite interesting in that it is not laid out with standard starters-mains-deserts but with dishes of different sizes - as with its sister restaurant the Outsider. Having been to the Outsider before I don't find this confusing but I'm a bit old fashioned and prefer the starters-mains-deserts lay out as then I know I will be ordering a "correct" amount of food. I'm not an expert on food but would say that the majority of dishes were modern British with a French influence. There are also a lot of seafood and quite a few veggie options.

I had a very pleasant meal, however, I think that because I have heard so many good things about the restaurant over the years and read the good reviews on this site, I was left feeling slightly disappointed. It was very good value and the food was tasty, but without being spectacular. The service was unique in a way which might not appeal to all diners.

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4 from jcaughey (75%) on October 15th, 2007 (10 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

I was taken here for valentines day and it was great. I had the king prawns jumbo skewer which was YUM (I did manage to ping one across the room when trying to remove it from its skewer - quite embarrassing, luckily no-one noticed, bit of a waste of a jumbo king prawn though!)

Anyway, the staff were great and I loved the laid back atmosphere the Apartment promotes. Quite on the pricy side and unfortunately our table was in a bit of a corridor which wasn't the most romantic of places to be sat but it was obviously a very busy night and the quality of food and service made up for it.

Would recommend to book!

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3.5 from Meng (69%) on June 11th, 2008 (9 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

The Apartment. I used to live above this place, passing by every day from work. Funny though, I never smelt any of the cooking, which is a phenomenon most people who live above restaurants or takeaways will experience. Not so in this polite portion of Tollcross. Whether that's a plus or minus I leave it up to you as I'm writing a food review, not a room in flatshare to rent review.

It has a modern retro cool decor-feel (see also it's sister restaurant: The Outsider) and an external front that looks like a property sales agency. Hard to miss really. Now, I've been here at least 3 times now, going waaayyyy back when I was a starving student and the food was pretty much out of my price range, and now as a (borderline) professional, the prices are 'reasonable' which should give you a fair indication of cost of food.

Anyway, its atmosphere is both relaxing, and a bit uptight. I don't know why, it shouldn't work both on paper and in practice, but somehow it does. Like the food.

I ordered the wood pigeon breasts on sweet potato chips with a red wine reduction. My dinner partner had whole chicken breast on gnocchi with a sort of cream sauce, and we had fries and roasted veg with chilli and mozzarella. Portions were generous, and food was all in all very tasty.

I particularly enjoyed the wood pigeon. It's a new thing to me really, eating 'fowl' in its medium rare form (like duck), almost to the point of tasting like red meat. Never had it before, thought I'd try something new. Read the menu (which was confusing, but once you get your head round it and have it explained to you by someone who works there, you get the hang of it)

In fact, now that I think about it, a while back I also had the lamb kebab dish (which came with an assortment of meat/sausage/thingamajigs, all lamb-based) in a tomatoey-based sauce drizzled with Morrocan spices like a Jackson Pollock painting. That shouldn't have worked. It couldn't have. But it did.

So the verdict? Not quite ethnic. Not entirely 'British'. Confusing, but captivating. A bit of an adventure. It's hard to pigeon-hole this restaurant but if say, you wish to stuff a pigeon down your hole (nyuck nyuck) this is the place to come to. 3.5 out of 5.

Note: I bashed my head on the low timber doorframe on the basement men's washroom (and thus a door frame structural height opening of 1.7metres with a big forehead bump-mark on it now) which would have addled my brains and contributed to the length of this review. A bit of a health and safety risk that which REALLY should get seen to. A warning sticker would be nice.

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4.5 from jwjlewis (64%) on July 17th, 2007 (10 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

Great restaurant, great food, great staff and pleasant atmosphere. I asked for a vodka and cranberry - when they said they didn't have cranberry I told them that the Spar about 1km up the road did. Within 10 mins I had a vodka and cranberry. Now THAT is service!

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4 from Andy White (12%) on February 29th, 2008 (10 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

Been here 2 or 3 times now. The service is quick. The food is good. The overall experience very good. ;-)

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1 from M Lang (12%) on August 27th, 2009 (8 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

Do not eat here! We were visiting from London at the weekend, and are from Edinburgh. My partner's parents were down for the weekend, and we thought we'd eat at the Apartment.

When we arrived, we found that my in-laws, presumably because they have white hair, had been put at a small table in the dungeon-like gloom of the back room. There was one other table there, also with over-fifties sitting at it. It was incredibly, unpleasantly dark.

The service is so bad. I don't know where to start. The staff, including the one who seems to be the manager (but it's hard to tell because they're all dressed as if they're on the sofa at home), act as though you're in their house, and it's an amazing house, and you're lucky to be there. Put simply, they are rude and have deluded ideas about their 'coolness'.

I wouldn't mind, but the Apartment is not cool - it's a dated, mediocre restaurant in a provincial location popular only with students and tourists, both of whom are famously easy to gull.

The food is poorly designed. I ate mussels - they were almost cold, and absurdly over-seasoned - drenched in cream, garlic, bacon, mounds of onions. Perhaps this was to hide the fact that they were off? My body has been doing terrible things since eating them.

The staff are truly awful - being put at the back, we were close to where the waitresses stood gossiping and ignoring everyone. Twice I had to approach them to ask for drinks, and twice I was looked at as if I was out of my depth. Funny, really, considering how little I think of people like them. Oh, and before I forget, one of them was, in view of the room, PICKING HER NOSE.

So there we are, people - poor food, served with bad grace by provincial types who have been led to believe that they're performing some kind of public service while cooling-up the world. I'd say that it makes me feel sick, but I already feel so sick from the mussels that I can't tell.

Avoid at all costs. Boycott these fools!

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4 from Sudipto Chatterjee (12%) on November 13th, 2009 (8 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

Though alarmed by the many negative reviews I had read about this restaurant on a few sites, I braved the choice made by a friend and went. Not only was the food great, it was beautifully served with no unusual delays. We weren't rushed out by the manager either (contrary to what one reviewer wrote). Also, the waitress serving us was most courteous and good-humoured. The lamb I ordered along with my friend was cooked to perfection. And the aubergine dish my wife ordered earned her appreciation as well.

I recommend this place to anyone intersted in good-tasting food, served in sumptuous portions.

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4 from Joseph Pellicane (12%) on November 27th, 2009 (8 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

I'm Italian and I have many concerns when I enter into a British restaurant. I won't be long... this place erased all of them. Service is quite good, food is cooked with passion and care for details. I humbly recommend it, it's good value for your money.

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4 from crstevenson (11%) on September 14th, 2008 (9 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

Trying to find an alternative to the usual Bruntsfield Sunday brunch venues, The Apartment was recommended to me as having a good selection of well-priced alternatives to the standard Sunday brunch fare. Having been on several occasions for dinner and knowing how good the food is from the evening menu it came as no suprise that the Sunday brunch menu (served 12-5) was no exception.

Staff were very willing to assist with the choice from the brunch menu. For larger parties, only the a la carte menu is available but the selection (if not the prices) were equally appealing.

Our party of 6 had a selection from the brunch menu of deliciously succulent steak sandwiches, moules frites and the more unusal gnocchi with crayfish tails and chorizo. All fantastic and at a fantastic price about £7 for a dish. The perfect dessert menu did not go unnoticed including passion fruit ceme brulee, chocolate brownie with raspberry shortcake ice cream and a selection of homemade ice cream.

Sundays in Bruntsfield just got better.

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4 from robertjamessmall (7%) on July 19th, 2007 (10 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

A few years ago now, but I remember this resturant to be very relaxed, comfy and good food. Can't remember any other resturants really so this one must have stood out for some reason. I managed to order something from the menu so can't backup jwjlewis' experience.

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5 from flowers (6%) on July 6th, 2010 (7 years ago)

The Apartment, 7-13 Barclay Place, EH10 4HW, Edinburgh

I used to go to the Apartment years ago but it had lost its way and so I stopped, but I'd heard from friends that the place was pretty cool after a refurbishment so we strolled down the hill last night to give it a shot and OMG, WTF, it's just not the same place, it's so beautiful. The good news? the menu has been ditched and we're liking what's on the new one. I had the baked duck egg wild mushroom starter and James the salmon and crab rillette, both pretty awesome and after the wild rabbit and him the hake dish, soooo tasty. The atmosphere was alive for a Monday and we left feeling pretty good from the experience, at last Edinburgh has a groovy restaurant with great food, just don't drink that second bottle if your home's on top of a hill. S&J

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