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The Reverie

Bistro and British Bar/Pub

3.5 out of 5 3.5/5 from 1 review (add your opinion)

1-5 Newington Road

Phone: 0131 667 8870

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Price: £££

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 1200-2100

Tags: thereverie pub bar licensed delivery byob pretheatre wifi bistro british

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1 user review:

3.5 from MartinR (88%) on February 9th, 2010 (9 years ago)

The Reverie, 1-5 Newington Road, EH9 1QR, Edinburgh

The Reverie was the very first place I ate at when I moved to Edinburgh. The meal was below par, and I didn't return.

However, many, many months later and at a loss for somewhere to eat, we decided to drop by again, and what a surprise. The place must have been taken over or have a new chef.

As a pub, the Reverie is a nice little place. Small and with only one floor, it's on a corner so there are plenty of windows for people-watching. The decor is burgundy and dark woods, with low lighting and (mostly) well-chosen music throughout the day until late, when there is normally a jazz, blues, or folk band of varying quality - but fittingly ambient - playing live.

The menu is fairly small with a selection of well-chosen and established favourites: mussels, fish & chips, quiche, roast chicken, etc. Each has a slight twist and a pleasantly contemporary presentation. For example, the fish & chips comes with a delicious pea puree instead of standard mushies. The chicken is delivered complete with 'jenga' chips.

To compliment the menu is a daily specials board, with a diffent sauce for the mussels, pie of the day, and occasional starter/main specials of the day.

The food is now definitely above average for standard pub grub, using quality ingredients (locally sourced? I'm not sure...) and good sized, but not overly large portions. I have had the fish here several times now and although it is always of varying size, the quality is always excellent and cooked to perfection with a beautifully light, crisp and golden batter. The hand-cut chips are ok, but could be improved upon.

We have also tried the stews and pies of the day that have been offered as specials, and they have never failed to surprise in both quality and delivery. Nothing overly out of the ordinary, just slight twists which are very pleasing.

The staff are extremely courteous, welcoming you as you enter (when it's not too busy), asking if you're here for food and opening a tab automatically if you are. They will arrive at your table soon after you're seated and read out all the specials for you, and also take your drink orders if you haven't yet reached the bar. The rioja is very pleasant!

We enjoyed the Reverie so much we've returned several times recently, and it's a great little place for a decent meal which won't break the bank by any means, and with a warm and relaxing ambience. A slight downside is the price of drinks, which are slightly pricey (especially the wines and cocktails), but that's a modern bar for you!

[P.S. Thanks to Poppy for the nice comment about my reviews recently!]

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