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19 Shore Place, EH6 6SW, Edinburgh

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2 from ciamara (42%) on February 28th, 2016 (3 years ago)

We bought a voucher to get £25 worth of food from Tapa and booked for 3 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon. It was only after we arrived that we became aware of their offer of (we think) any six tapas, bread and nibbles for £15 between 1 and 5 o’clock. If we had known we would have tried this restaurant long before now. Although it was our choice to eat at 3 o’clock, it was a little galling to realise that the lunchtime offer is better value than the voucher!!

Inside, this converted warehouse is nicely laid out, with nice floor, walls etc., although it could be a little darker to make more of the candles and give it a bit more atmosphere. The toilets were clean and tidy,

We chose the Delicias de Ternera, which is Braised Shin of Beef Croquettes, with two sauces, Moko Picon and Mojo Verde at £5.95; Pinchos de Pollo grilled skewers of chicken breast, at £7.95; Patatas Alioli with homemade garlic salsa, at £3.50 and Patatas a lo Pobre, which are thinly sliced potatoes, fried with onion, garlic & peppers at £3.95. We also chose the special of fried Spanish green chilis at £5.95.

Four dishes were served together with the chicken skewers coming a wee bit later. Our plates were already on the table, and were cold, and all the food came on cold plates. Needless to say it went cold very quickly. Not ideal.

The chilis were very ordinary and slightly sour. A pile of salt brought out a wee bit flavour from them. The chicken was pretty bland, and dry. The potatas alioli and a lo Pobre were both tasty. However there was just too much olive oil on all these dishes for our taste. Didn’t seem to add anything to the flavour. However, the beef croquettes were really tasty. Moist, with lots of flavour, and both the sauces were really tasty.

As it was the middle of the day we settled for water. It cost us almost another £3 on top of the cost of our voucher. As I said, the offer seemed to be far better value. You live and learn.

Overall, we found the food to be very ordinary. A disappointing experience. Two stars. One for the interior and one for the beef croquettes.

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22 Millerhill, EH22 1RZ, Edinburgh

2 from eleanor o'donnell (6%) on September 27th, 2015 (3 years ago)

Waited ages for a drink as waitress could not manage to fit us in

her busy schedule. Dinner took one hour to come and kids were really hungry by then. Waitress staff do not care to be bothered so I will not be bothered to go back again ant time soon.

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127 Easter Road, EH7 5PP, Edinburgh

2 from linda graham (12%) on August 14th, 2014 (4 years ago)

Tasteless and over priced.

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15-17 Brighton Place, EH15 1LH, Edinburgh

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2 from ciamara (42%) on June 9th, 2014 (5 years ago)

We had a meal last Saturday in Bonoful and decided to pass on our thoughts.

Service: whilst our drink order was taken quickly, it was about 15 minutes before our meal order was taken. Overall, whilst everyone was polite, we didn't find the service particularly friendly. It was some 50 minutes after arriving before we got our starters which is just ridiculous. When we enquired/complained about the delay, we were told it would be two minutes. It was more than 10 minutes. The mains did however arrive quickly after we finished our starters. We were told that the delay was because the grill needed to heat up and that one of the starters takes a while to cook. If we had been made aware of this when we ordered, we would have ordered a different starter. We were constantly asked if we would like to buy more drink, but had to ask twice to get a glass of water.

Food: The starters we had were mixed kebab and chicken chirma? Apologies if the second one is spelt wrong but I couldn't find it on the on line menu. The mixed kebab was tasty, but very small. One piece of lamb, half a piece of sheek kebab and two bits of chicken. The pepper stuffed with chicken was nice, but mild. Mains were lamb balti and chicken chilli garlic, with two garlic nan. Whilst the balti was okay, it lacked a real depth of flavour and a couple of pieces of lamb were not as tender as the others. Despite being assured that the chilli garlic chicken would be very spicy, it wasn't. Most disappointing and again there was no depth of flavour to the dish. The nan was small. We were advised that it would be, but as well as being wee, it lacked any garlic flavour and we found it very doughy. Not great.

Restaurant: nicely laid out, clean and tasteful décor, with nice tables and chairs. The toilets are also nice and clean.

Cost: we had a voucher which covered the starters and main course and one of the nan. Cost for an additional nan was £3, wee bit dear. Cost for a pint of Cobra £4, again a bit dear. Cost for a single vodka without mixer £4, this we feel is a complete rip off. I'm sure other people will agree with us that £11 for these three items is ridiculous.

Overall we were very disappointed. Waiting time was far too long, and the food lacked real depth of flavour and spice. We are unlikely to be back.

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159-161 Bruntsfield Place, EH10 4DG, Edinburgh

ciamara's image

2 from ciamara (42%) on January 10th, 2014 (5 years ago)

We visited Montpeliers on a Saturday afternoon. It is somewhere we have often passed and it looks nice from the outside, the outside seating is always full when the weather is nice and the food looked nice as you passed by.

We had booked a table as we had a voucher for brunch. The restaurant was extremely busy, and we were seated at a table to the left of the entrance door as you come in. Two tables for two were crammed into this wee space. Service was over my shoulder as there wasn't really room to stand between the tables without part of your anatomy overhanging one or both of the tables. Not particularly intimate or conducive for conversation as we could hear every word from the next table. The table was also shoogly, despite numerous beer mats under the table legs. Every time the door opened there was an icy cold draft. Nice candle on the table, but for some unexplained reason it was taken away part way through our meal, just as it was getting darker and the candlelight was becoming visible. It was also the only heating that we could feel. The décor in the part we sat in looked tired and dated with old dark wooden panelling that looked a bit like old fashioned Formica. Bit like an old fashioned ice cream shop. Not to our taste. Can't comment on the rest of Bar as we barely made it over the door.

We did ask if an orange juice could be swapped for a diet coke, but they explained that this wasn't possible as we had a voucher. First time anyone has refused to accommodate a change to something cheaper when we have used a voucher.

We ordered two full breakfasts, which came with orange juice, coffee and toast. The orange juice came complete with loads of ice. Far too cold, obviously not just squeezed and soon very diluted. The coffee was okay.

It was good quality bacon, sausage, black pudding, haggis and eggs,we had them fried and scrambled, served with beans in a wee ramekin, mushrooms, tattie scone and half a tomato. Despite hot plates our food wasn't warm. Might have been just the trip past the front door! There was a hair on one plate, and we should have sent the food back, but we were cold and hungry and made the mistake of just removing it. Everything was okay, but if it had been piping hot would have been so much better. The eggs were cooked nicely. The black pudding was sliced far too thinly and consequently, whilst it had good flavour, it was over cooked. We were offered a choice of sauce, but had to ask for salt and pepper.

The burger and chicken on the next table looked better.

The service wasn't attentive. Too busy, not enough staff? Nobody checked if we were okay.

This could have been a really nice experience, the rest of the interior may have been nicer, and might have provided more room and warmth. Unfortunately for us it wasn't enjoyable. If you book, make sure that you are seated away from the door.

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The Steading

118-120 Biggar Road, EH10 7DU, Edinburgh

2 from manonthemoonjune (6%) on May 15th, 2013 (6 years ago)

Was really looking forward to my meal at The Steading. Do not know what has happened to this place as it used to be great but the food was terrible. Four of us had steak - it was tough as old boots. The plate had way too much food on it and it looked disgusting. Usually pepper sauce is on top of your steak, ours was served in a dish at the side and it was clearly made from a packet. The menu has also been cut drastically - very limited. Never going again.

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Jaflong Tandoori

38 Longstone Road, EH14 2BH, Edinburgh

2 from Allan white (12%) on April 6th, 2013 (6 years ago)

Not good, not good at all, probably the worst pizza I've ever bought from anywhere in town, I had one bite and threw the rest in the bin. I know this is a Indian take away but surely if you're selling other items make them so they are edible.

Sorry, but i won't be wasting good money here again!

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Monte Bianco

115 Corstorphine Road, EH12 5PZ, Edinburgh

2 from Mark (12%) on March 21st, 2013 (6 years ago)

Just had a raw chicken kebab. If I throw up or have a bad stomach in the morning then I'll know why. Not good.

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128 Morningside Road, EH10 4BX, Edinburgh

2 from Cool guy (12%) on December 30th, 2012 (6 years ago)

This restaurant is very good and food is very tasty.

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The Stable Bar

50 Mortonhall Gate, EH16 6TJ, Edinburgh

2 from trading (12%) on December 18th, 2012 (6 years ago)

Beware - they rip you off by adding 10% to the price of all drinks served to the table without informing you. This is probably illegal and very expensive over a time. I only discovered this by accident after years. The staff informed me that they do not receive the surcharge.

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