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Cramond Falls Cafe

10 School Brae, EH4 6JN, Edinburgh

4 from Maggie Stevens (6%) on February 14th, 2016 (3 years ago)

What lovely scones straight out of the oven excellent decent sized coffee and friendly service. A warm welcome on a cold day!

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127 Easter Road, EH7 5PP, Edinburgh

4 from Lyro (6%) on February 8th, 2015 (4 years ago)

We have been going here for years and I will stick with it as I don't like the other Chinese in Easter Road. It is a pretty traditional Chinese takeaway, not fancy but very good value. They deliver quickly and the menu selection is good. The spring rolls and ribs are tasty and we always get the same mains - Char Sui with noodles and honey/chilli crispy beef. The sweetness of the beef balances the deeper savoury flavours of the noodles, so it's a good mix and match option. I just wish they would get a website as ordering online is so easy.

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Mei Dow Chinese Takeaway

1 Kingsknowe Rd North, EH14 2BN, Edinburgh

4 from vicky guy (12%) on September 22nd, 2014 (4 years ago)

Great food and friendly staff! Also fast delivery every time!

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Sportsters Bar and Diner

1a Market Street, EH1 1DE, Edinburgh

ciamara's image

4 from ciamara (42%) on April 23rd, 2014 (5 years ago)

We visited Sportsters Bar on a busy Saturday afternoon. We had booked a table and were shown to a booth for four on the ground floor, quite near the bar. If you want to watch the sport there is TV in the booth. If you are ordering food, they take your order at the table which saves you queuing at the bar.

We ordered a bottle of red, and were advised that it was out of stock. However, they provided a more expensive bottle at the same price. A nice touch.

We ordered the lightly battered chicken strips and piri piri chicken nachos to start. The chicken was lovely and succulent with a nice tasty sauce, and the nachos were nice, better than the average standard pub nachos. We must have enjoyed them, as it was only when our mains arrived that we realised that the nachos didn't have the piri piri chicken in them. To be fair to them, as we had a voucher for our food, they knocked a pound off the price of the wine.

We both had the chicken sizzling fajitas as a main course. They were delicious, with a really tasty, tangy sauce, and all the usual accompaniments, sour cream, grated cheese, guacamole, salsa and flour tortillas.

It is a busy sports bar, but being in a booth gives you some privacy. It was only when the bar was really busy that we had people standing beside our table.

Overall, it was a tasty meal, nice wine, and good service. We would thoroughly recommend the fajitas.

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The New Happy Palace

145-147 Granton Road, EH5 3NL, Edinburgh

4 from Kathleen Galletta (12%) on December 30th, 2013 (5 years ago)

I have to say this is one of the best Chinese shops I've ever ordered food from... However I would say it would be better if they had their prices for food online.

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The Cambridge Bar

20 Young Street, EH2 4JB, Edinburgh

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4 from ciamara (42%) on December 22nd, 2013 (5 years ago)

We visited the Cambridge Bar on a Saturday afternoon. We phoned at the back of three and were able to get a table for 3:30. The person taking our booking and all the staff were very friendly and made us feel welcome.

A nice Bar, although our table felt a wee bit as if we were in a corridor, close to the food servery.

The burgers in the Cambridge get a good name, so we both tried one. You choose from chicken, beef, bean or buffalo burger, the buffalo being £1 more expensive than the other three. The five alarm is supposed to be spicy. Topped with monterey jack cheese, jalapeños, chipotle mayo and a hotter salsa than the mighty spicy salsa found on the three alarm, it proved to be probably the most spicy topping we've had. Could still be hotter for us, but probably just about right. The Mexican burger is topped with char grilled peppers, mature cheddar & chilli sauce. The peppers were nicely charred and the sauce had a good flavour. The burger itself was flavoursome, tasty, but the roll was a wee bit ordinary. Overall, tasty, with probably the best toppings we have had in a while.

We also ordered a portion of onion rings and cajun fries. The onion rings were not greasy as can be the case in other restaurants, absolutely delicious, but the cajun fries very disappointing. Didn't really taste like a chip at all. Not sure why or what we didn’t like about them. We won't bother with fries the next time, but will definitely order the onion rings.

Both burgers were £8.95, the onion rings and cajun fries were £2.95 each. We had a discount card which saved us the price of one burger.

A pint of Stewart’s Pentland IPA was £3.60. Nice tasty pint reasonably priced. A vodka was £2.20, but the mixer, a dash was what was ordered, seemed pricey, from memory it was about £1.60.

The Bar was nice and clean as were the toilets, friendly service and it seemed to have a good atmosphere.

Overall we would thoroughly recommend trying the Cambridge Bar.

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Cafe Piccante

7 East Norton Place, EH7 5DR, Edinburgh

4 from nicheness23 (6%) on December 17th, 2013 (5 years ago)

Work in the local area and often pop around to Piccante for dinner. One of the best chippies in the area, believe me, I have tried them all. There is also space to sit in if you like. You can also get a half pizza supper, which most of the other chippies do not offer. And the pizzas are good. Plus my all time favourite chips and gravy are readily available and very tasty!

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Gung Ho Chinese

7-8 Cadzow Place, EH7 5SN, Edinburgh

4 from Lima w (12%) on September 19th, 2013 (5 years ago)

Excellent. Nice food. Great prices. Light as well, not too heavy for a takeaway. Staff also nice.

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, , Edinburgh

4 from val (12%) on August 2nd, 2013 (5 years ago)

Lovely little restuarant, only seats about 20 but also does takeaway. We have visited Thailand on numerous occasions so know our Thai food. This place had a good range of dishes on menu and what we chose was tasty.

The staff were very friendly and the place clean and cheerful. It has no alcohol for sale but for £2/head corkage can bring your own drinks. There is a Co-op across the road if you want to buy some.

For two starters, two mains and rice the cost was £40 so reasonable cost. We had rice left over and a little of the mains so good portions.

Would go again.

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Ashoka World Buffet

97 Hanover Street, EH2 1DJ, Edinburgh

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4 from ciamara (42%) on May 19th, 2013 (6 years ago)

We visited Ashoka armed with a voucher giving us two lunchtime buffet meals for the price of one. We were initially shown to a seat near the door,but they agreed to move us to one away from the door and the draft when the door opens.

They explained that whilst it states on the place mats that you are only allowed three visits to the buffet and that you are charged if you leave food on your plate, that is not the case.

There was a selection of about half a dozen starters, including vegetable pakora, chicken pakora, spring rolls, bombay potato type things etc.

Mains were chicken korma, lamb madras, and from memory, chicken jalfrezi?

There were two types of rice, nan bread, and various vegetable dishes, including a lovely chick pea dish, as well as chilli dipping sauce, raita, and various vegetable dishes, including spiced onions, tomato etc.

There was also pizza and a hong kong chicken, chinese dish.

There was chocolate gateaux, fruit and other goodies for pudding.

We tried all the starters, which were tasty. For mains, we stuck to the lamb madras and chicken jalfrezi curry dishes which were all tasty, as well as sampling the various side dishes. Korma is too creamy for our taste. For us, Ashoka should stick to curries rather than trying to cater for too many tastes. There were only three choices of chicken or lamb curries, more would be better in catering for peoples varied taste and enhancing the experience. There may be more choice at night time?

We probably over eat, and certainly had no room for any pudding.

It is impossible to have a buffet that is as good as a just cooked restaurant dish, but they did come close.

Unbelievable value with a voucher; very good value even without one. Staff were friendly,cleared plates away quickly,checked the buffet was fully stocked, and the restaurant is very clean. We would recommend giving it a try.

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