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Scottish and British Restaurant

3.3 out of 5 3.3/5 from 12 reviews (add your opinion)

3 Royal Terrace
Calton Hill

Phone: 0845 22 21212


Price: £££££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 1200-1430
Tue-Sat: 1700-2300


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12 user reviews:

3 from hungryman (48%) on January 20th, 2010 (9 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

I beg forgiveness from my fellow reviewers. The writing of this review is far far late. I was prompted to write this on reading that 21212 was a finalist, along with Redwood and Rocpool(Inverness) in the Scottish Restaurant 2010 Newcomers Award category.

My wife and I dined here for lunch in November.

21212 is in a rather unlikely spot. Does this matter? Nope. What it does mean is that you must seek it out – it is unlikely you'll be passing by it and decide to pop on in.

We arrived and it was very quiet (Tuesday lunchtime) with only one other table occupied by two ladies. I don't recall how the wait staff described our table, but it was set-up to peer into the kitchen. By this I mean that we sat side by side rather than opposite each other. We were happy to go with this but the table was on the complete other side of the restaurant room so to view into the glass fronted kitchen clearly, we'd need some binoculars to be handed out to us or indeed have brought these with us.

I'm not sure how this table would work in a packed restaurant in that not only are you looking towards the kitchen you are also looking at nearly all the tables in view that are in the restaurant. I do like the idea but I’m not sure it works.

My wife and I ordered three courses – each course priced at £10. The food is presented almost as a work of art. It was full of minute detail, colour and matched perfectly with its crockery. I shall not even attempt to describe the individual components, textures, etc. From a technical standpoint each dish was of the highest quality. The problem was the in the taste of the starters and mains. Simply put - they were under seasoned. I do believe that we participated in this error by not mentioning this when asked how our food was. But how should you tell a former Michelin star chef, and now once again a Michelin star chef, that we think his food needs more salt ! Then again maybe at lunchtime it was the sous chef who was cooking everything. We did certainly see the mad professor, that is Paul Kitching, in the kitchen but it did seem he was there more to supervise than to cook.

The deserts were very good. The wine was delicious. The service though friendly was a little haphazard and was not knowledgeable about where the fish had been sourced from.

The room housing the restaurant is done up to a very high standard.

Here is the thing though. We had just spent over £100 for lunch and had left feeling under whelmed by the whole experience. 21212 is definitely doing something that is unique within the restaurant scene in Edinburgh. However my wife and I shall not be returning. For us, it just was not worth the money.

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2 from romain (12%) on June 15th, 2009 (10 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

Two stars... not even one... the bread was really good!

I am being sarcastic but for the price Kitchin is charging, I'd rather be brutally honest.

The wine list turned out to be short, predictable, easy and full of mispelled words. Shocking.

No amuse-bouche... does he really want a Michelin-star?

My starter was amazing though. Fish soup, three diffrent textures: soup, cream and foam with prunes and pecan nut. Excellent. The bread turned out to be a brioche-like succulent mystery. Each mouthful was different with an explosion of spices, aromas and layers of complexity.

Main course: sea bass, banana... How can you cook such an amazing starter and accept to serve a disastrous MAIN course. Shockingly cooked, amuse-bouche seized bland piece of fish... BAD!

Cheese: No cheese trolley... shame.

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5 from bill manzer (12%) on July 3rd, 2009 (10 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

Dinned at 21212 last night and had the most wonderful evening with a superb menu of dishes with 2 starters 1 soup 2 main 1 cheese 2 sweets.

Black pudding starter 10/10

Onion soup 12/10

Lamb 10/10

Cheese 10/10

blueberry trifle 12/10

Have never tasted such tasty well put together food before, in such delightful sumptuous surroundings.

Paul Kitching is a master at work.

Lunch is reasonable at £20.

Everyone should visit!

you can stay too in large well apointed bedrooms to die for.

will dine again soon.

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5 from stuartink (12%) on April 5th, 2010 (9 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

Tried 21212 for the first time this weekend.

Great food, thoughtful and varied. Different taste sensations with each mouthful.

Superb surroundings, great friendly staff.

Been to Junipers many many times in past but now chef has mastered his art

and in a setting that would take some beating.

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1 from Irene Johnston (12%) on May 19th, 2011 (8 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

I was taken to 21212 by my son on Friday evening as a 60th birthday treat.

The starter and main course tasted the same, with the same sort of creamy sauce, which could have been the soup poured over, as that also had a similar flavour. The portions are miniscule even for me and I do not have a big appetite.

When it got to the cheese course we were reminded that we had to vacate the table by 9pm and we still had desert to have. I could not finish the cheese as I felt rushed and uncomfortable.

The desert was the worst I have ever eaten. The small dish that accompanied the cheesecake held a sour, lumpy substance. I did not know what it was and could not eat it. Because of the time factor we had to move upstairs for coffee which is served in paper cups.

The staff were friendly, however. On 2 occasions we ordered drinks then while waiting for them to arrive the bored looking Spanish waiter asked if we would like to order drinks. He also removed the water glasses from our table without asking if they were required and it had already been agreed with the waitress we would be having water. Seemed to be a communication breakdown between staff.

Disappointing in all areas. Will not be back. There are lots of restaurants in Edinburgh serving far superior food at half the price.

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4 from Greny (11%) on October 16th, 2007 (11 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

Not cheap but the steak I had was tip top. That and the fact my ma was paying.

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2 from Sandeman (7%) on January 7th, 2011 (8 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

My first time to 21212 and I have to admit it will also be my last! The concept whilst being exceptionally easy for the chef to prepare is not reflected in value for money as a dining experience. I was particularly put off by the porridge milk served into recycled plastic pots. Coffee in paper cups, pretentious twaddle! It doesn't "keep hot better" and it isn't "stylish" it is however lazy! As a Scot I am perturbed that this restaurant is representative of fine dining in the capital.

The prepared food was unmemorable and the cheese course was the only redeeming feature.

There are many other restaurants in Edinburgh that deliver far better value for money and do not rely on quirky gimmicks that do not work.

I am posting this here as TopTable appear to think it is too critical and have not published it on their website.

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4.5 from ROSS2110 (6%) on June 23rd, 2009 (10 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

We have now had both lunch and dinner at this new restaurant and were thoroughly impressed on both occasions.

The lunch menu allows you to select from two to five courses from the main evening menu - a great idea, and with two courses at £20 it's a great deal.

We honestly couldn't fault any dish we had on either occasion - it's different, and it's well worth a visit!!!

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4.5 from Gillscottish (6%) on July 4th, 2009 (10 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

I have just eaten the most fabulous lunch - what a nice change not to have to deliberate for hours over the menu. It was easy to make a good decision, I just loved the soup with all its hidden surprises, Paul's bread is to die for, so many flavours. My main course was fillet steak and was so tasty with all the unusual combinations a real feast for both the eyes and taste buds. I Just can't wait to come back for a longer dinner and hopefully sit at the table at the kitchen to watch a genius at work.

Such good value at only £20 pounds and also a good choice of wine by the glass. You must give it a try if only to see the fabulous decor especially the carpets.

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1 from royalfan (6%) on May 19th, 2011 (8 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

Disappointed in all areas. Probably one of the worst meals I have had in a long time. I agree with other reviewers, the cheese was the best course.

Won't be back.

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2.5 from jules1977 (6%) on October 7th, 2009 (9 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

Was very disappointed by this restaurant - no amuse bouche as previous reviewer stated. Starter was excellent, soup was the usual predictable 'foam', main was incredibly disappointing as was the starter (something lemon) that I could have bought at M an S. Cheese was great, but then they didn't make that did they? I hate to say this but you can go to Martin Wishart for the same price and have a considerably better meal!

Also, coffee is aparently served in paper cups, something to do with the temperature. I drink coffee out of paper cups everyday on the way to work, I don't want that on an expensive night out. They seem to be trying too hard to be quirky. To be fair they did bring ours in beautiful china when we asked!

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5 from JimandKaren (6%) on May 16th, 2013 (6 years ago)

21212, 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB, Edinburgh

An amazing entertaining restaurant. Food is slightly out of the ordinary but in such a deviously different way. I have never eaten such brilliantly cooked scallops. Venison main course was delightful - so many flavours and cheese to die for. Pudding amazing - where do all the ideas come from!

If you're willing to try I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

We love 21212. Will definitely stay over next time - they have four bedrooms.

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