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A Room in the Town

Scottish, British and Bistro Restaurant

3.6 out of 5 3.6/5 from 8 reviews (add your opinion)

18 Howe Street
Old Town

Phone: 0131 225 8204
Fax: 0131 225 8204

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Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
BYOB: Yes (free corkage)
Pre-Theatre: Yes (Sun-Thu 5.30-7.30pm)

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 1200-1500
Mon-Sun: 1730-2300


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Tags: wifi byob restaurant licensed british bistro scottish 5pm bookonline seafood modern aroominthetown pretheatre offers aroomin

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8 user reviews:

4 from craig777 (100%) on November 2nd, 2007 (11 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

One of the better BYO restaurants in Edinburgh. I went here for a birthday party as a large group and had a great time. The restaurant is quite small but added to the atmosphere - the staff were very attentive. Menu is very nice slightly Scottish fare with some explaining needed for some of the courses.

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3.5 from mdavidson (96%) on May 26th, 2008 (11 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

Room in the Town is, as the name suggests, a room in New Town. I've eaten there a few times and always found the atmoshpere very pleasant - lively without being too loud even when big groups are in.

On my most recent visit, for starter I had pickled sardines with parma ham. I was slightly disappointed as all I could really taste was vinegar from the pickle - I thought the dish might have been constructed more intelligently to deliver a wider range of flavours.

For my main course I had lamb shank with couscous. The meat was lovely and tender but the dish lacked a little bit of flavour - all very nice but not too much of interest. The deserts were very tasty - from the way in which I ordered the waitress worked out that my girlfriend and I intended to share deserts and brought 2 spoons for both that we ordered, a nice touch.

The portions were excellent - larger than other similar Scottish restaurants (too much for my girlfriend) and the BYOB really helps to keep the bill reasonable.

Although I was slightly disappointed on my most recent visit I will probably return.

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rachybaby's image

4 from rachybaby (68%) on December 4th, 2007 (11 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

I went here one quiet Thursday night and had a lovely meal with my dining partner.

The staff were really friendly and very attentive. I had haggis to start and my partner had salmon - we both really enjoyed them - the haggis was delicious.

For our mains we both had steak and veg for about £15 and it was very tasty.

My only complaint is that the food came a little too quickly; yes you heard right!

We ordered our starters within five minutes of arriving and the food came within minutes and the same with our mains and deserts which kind of spoiled the whole eating out experience. That was my only complaint. In fairness, it was probably because the restaurant was so quiet and the chef had nothing to do but cook for us!

It is also BYOB - definitely a bonus.

Would definitely recommend this restaurant and will most certainly go again.

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4 from irishphat (61%) on August 31st, 2007 (11 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

Went here for a largish group dinner on a Friday. There were 10 of us, the place was moderatly busy and the service was good. They were there when we needed them and extra drinks were easily obtained.

The general feeling on the food was that it was grand across the board but I can only describe what I had really...

The starter was haggis neeps 'n' tatties with a kind of orangey sauce that was kinda strong but tasty. Not for everyone.

My main was salmon with bacon with a yum sauce of which there was plenty. Very nice. Two of the gang had chicken which they finished no problem - tasty being the verdict. For afters, I had a mix of two of the menu desserts - coconut ice-cream and strawberries - very nice but a bit pricey at £4.

Finally the scottish amongst us went a bit loo-la over something called 'tablet' which was flung about gratis. Looked like very sugary fudge to me.

All in all with 4 bottles of wine on the table and several beers (diet cokes for me) it was £25 each for 10 of us and not everyone had a starter so not the cheapest but not outrageous either.

Nice folk, good selection of beers on the wall menu, decent grub. Verdict, good but I need to go again to say if it's great. I''ll go again definitely. I'd recommend it too. Nice pre-pub spot.

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sogs's image

2.5 from sogs (19%) on December 25th, 2008 (10 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

A fine looking place that I have dined in many times for both lunch and dinner. It has a set menu offering that means your paying for as many courses that your eating. The usual is about £17 for a three course lunch. Its not really all that cheap on this basis. You can BYOB but the corkage is one to beware of. I thought £3 for uncorking a bottle of fizzy wine a bit much compared to the £2 for anything else.

I have stopped going here to be honest as the big issue are the menus. Its pretty much fish with everything or chicken stuffed with haggis/black pudding. The lack of variety lets this place down badly.

Saying that, the atmosphere is good and the staff excellent. Really only worth a visit a couple of times unless you like eating the same dish time after time.

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2 from Scott Anderson (12%) on November 22nd, 2008 (10 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

Staff were fantastic, welcoming and friendly. Atmosphere was lively without being too noisy. It all started so promising, even the bread basket was fresh and delicious.

Unfortunately the food was boring, unimaginative and way overpriced. My red mullet was overcooked and drenched in black pepper accompanied by the most miserable and bland broth ever to leave a kitchen. The menu advertised "clam, prawn and baby squid broth" I counted 3 chewy hard clams, 2 prawns and 1 baby squid tentacle. The broth was obviously vegetable with the fish added just before serving. For 17 quid I would expect the chef to take the trouble of boiling a few fish carcasses.

My girlfriends chicken was obviously cooked by the same chef, who was either having an off day or just can't be arsed. Over salted, over peppered, no other discernable flavours, served on a wet lump of cheesey puree. The side dish of new potatoes, mangetout and carrots were just plain boiled, no olive oil, butter, herbs, salt or pepper (I used some of the excess from my girlfriends chicken).

The wine was good but then I brought that myself.

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5 from Neadia (12%) on July 19th, 2009 (10 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

Family of 5 touring Europe just went out for a stroll to find a simple Sunday lunch somewhere and came across this "Room in the Town". Food was AMAZING. Some of the best that we had In the UK. Service was impeccable as well. Very attentive staff. First time trying haggis and loved it. Would be sure to recommend to all our friends and anyone who would listen.

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4 from Dave (12%) on March 4th, 2010 (9 years ago)

A Room in the Town, 18 Howe Street, EH3 6TG, Edinburgh

Excellent food, service and atmosphere at a very reasonable price, particularly for its city centre location.

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