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Bengal Spice

Indian Takeaway

3.8 out of 5 3.8/5 from 8 reviews (add your opinion)

8 Montagu Terrace

Phone: 0131 467 0651

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Price: £££

Takeaway: Yes
Delivery: Yes

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 1700-2300


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8 user reviews:

4.5 from MarchmontMan (42%) on August 6th, 2009 (10 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

I have had the opportunity to try this take away a few times recently and have been very impressed.

The staff are courteous on the phone and repeat your order back to you ensuring no confusion. The prices are very reasonable.

We had Lamb Dhansak which was very tasty and included green peppers which we did not expect but enjoyed. The Lamb Madras was correctly hot without being overdone on the chilli powder stakes. The lamb in both instances was tender. The quantity was very large, probably about 12 pieces of lamb. As a side order, the mushroom bhaji was nicely spiced and served with fresh coriander. Pilau rice was decent and plain naan good but a bit small perhaps (in stark contrast to the almost over generous main course portions). You could easily run out of naan whilst half way through your main if not careful.

This is a very good take away for those over in North Edinburgh and the free delivery is very speedy too. If you collect the meal yourself then you appear to get a free poppadum.

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5 from JoeyPike (40%) on September 9th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

You know how it is when you move to a new area and you're wary of trying the local takeaways...?

That's been us for five months now!

The menus come through the door, the web is looked at but having been put off by previous cold, greasy offerings, safety becomes first choice and it's chips or pizza.

Well this week was a breakthrough week, not only a new takeaway but one that delivers..!

An hour of browsing and Bengal Spice was the choice, a bit concerned as it wasn't listed on here but being extra brave - went for it anyway.

And it's a winner, an absolute 5 star gem.

The menu was impressive with a nice range of what I'd call standard dishes but also a good selection of specialities.

Selection made, it's time to order and what a painless process that was - answered promptly, in a friendly manner and the order taken accurately first time, no spelling, no resorting to numbers.

The food arrived within the specified 40 minutes (this was Saturday evening), well packaged, secure and nothing spilled or squished.

The food itself was exceptional and the portions particularly generous.

Starters were delicious - Chicken Pakora and Chicken Puri.

Main course was even better with both the Chicken Passanda and Shahi Cashni absolutely brimming with flavours and huge chunks of chicken, and neither having any excess grease or oil which has been seen on too many Indian take aways in the past.

Add a fried rice and a peshwari naan and we have perfection. Yep - perfection, nothing could be faulted from start to finish and for me, that very rarely happens.

If you're lucky enough to live in the delivery area, give it a go, if you're not in the delivery area, arrange some transport and give it a go!

(Tip of the day - if you're ordering for two, consider splitting a rice, the portions are so generous.)


Just to add an update - 2nd weekend on the trot, 2nd delivery from Bengal Spice, 2nd perfect meal.

Top of my list and thoroughly recommended.


30/11/09 - Another update just in case people are thinking a year old review might not apply - oh yes it does, a year later and I'm still regularly ordering from Bengal Spice and still enjoying it tremendously.

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1 from Eve (12%) on November 26th, 2011 (7 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

I would not recommend this for takeaway at all. Having ordered online, I was called to confirm my address, which I happily provided again. Then, after waiting over an hour and a half with no food I was called and asked to come outside to find the delivery man who couldn't find my flat number. I came outside and he was no-where to be seen. I called the restaurant and confirmed my address again. Then I receive another call from the delivery man asking again where I lived (he had completely the wrong address) - when I explained again, he started swearing at me. I called to cancel the delivery, as it was now nearly 2 hours since I had ordered. The men turned up at the door eventually, only to be very intimidating and rude.

A thoroughly unprofessional experience.

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5 from CrazyLegs (12%) on October 29th, 2009 (9 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

I love this takeway, I live in the Leith area and this is by far the best we have tried. We do love our Curry. Lamb Bhuna is particularly good. About to tuck into a garlic chilli chicken from there :) Was only 25 minutes delivery! Can't beat it for quality!

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1 from Andrew (12%) on April 17th, 2011 (8 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

Food never got here... after taking my order an hour later they phoned to say they won't deliver to our place as its too far away. A terrible service for a takeaway. The guy even said that he had made the food and just wouldn't deliver it so I feel sorry for whoever got our cold food!

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4.5 from goodtoknow (9%) on March 7th, 2011 (8 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

I have recently been forced to choose a new "local regular" Indian restaraunt/takeaway as my previous favourite has unfortunately undergone some changes - and not for the better!

I am sure my Bengal Spice leaflet came through the door at around the same time as the above (see "Mazzer"'s review) however it is only this evening that I have pulled it out in order to discover a new source for a fantastic Bangladeshi/Indian meal.

Initially, the menu strikes as both attractive and user-friendly. There is an excellent range of categories including; "Non-vegetarian starters, Vegetarian starters, Seafood starters, Seafood selection, Tandoori specialities, Chicken Specialities, Lamb specialities, Biryanis, Chef's Bengal specialities, Bengal classics, Vegetarian main dishes, Vegetarian side dishes" And of course a great selection of rices, fresh breads, traditional sides and desserts etc with the bonus of a few great value set meals on the rear page.

So there is ample choice of dishes of all varieties (even vegetarian) all of which have simple descriptions which sound incredibly tasty. I must add at this point that I almost missed my chance to order as I was simply spoiled for choice!!!

I ordered the Chilli Garlic Chicken from the Chicken Specialities section within the menu along with all the best extras for a fantastic meal; peshwari nan, pilau rice, popadums and Tarka dall. Spending £16 (with no extra cost due to FREE delivery)

The ordering process was exactly what I would expect from a quality restaurant/takeaway. Call answered promptly, dealt with in a polite and clear manner and for once no need to repeat myself umpteen times!!!

Food arrived as stated in just under 30mins (Monday night) and was the perfect temperature to be able to tuck straight into, however not requiring the little "zap" in the microwave I've far too often had to undertake with delivered food.

It all looked fantastic and smelled absolutely divine. The portion sizes suited me ideally with enough of everything for a good second helping (a previous review states their nan portion was perhaps inadequate - My peshwari nan was huge, perfectly cooked and very filling indeed!) My Chilli Garlic Chicken was - and i'll stick my neck out a bit here - the best bit of indian cuisine i've ever experienced in Edinburgh. It was brimming with flavour, the lemon and coriander subtly enhancing the pleasant kick of the chillies and really embellishing the underlying garlic aroma. None of the ingredients were excessively predominant and the spice from the chillies was just right. The rice was also cooked "just-so" and as mentioned above the nan was great - especially to dip in the Tarka dall. The only aspect of my meal which I don't think I will be reordering in a hurry was my portion of Tarka (lentil) dall. Usually a firm favourite of mine, in comparison with the standard of previous tarka dalls I have experienced it didn't quite cut it. I still enjoyed polishing off the last of my nan with this dish, however it seemed distinctly less fresh and flavoursome then in my previous experiences - as though it's origin was a tin and the extra flavouring and seasoning was an afterthought. Do try it as it may be a personal preference, though I wish to paint the full picture for prospective diners!

Well I particularly enjoyed my meal tonight, and have certainly replaced my previous regular Indian cuisine. I am looking forward greatly to the next time I place an order with Bengal spice and I would definitely recommend anyone who has the opportunity to try this takeaway does so! - although I'm going to struggle deciding between trying a new mouth-watering dish or opting once again for my new favourite next time...

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5 from jeh2009 (9%) on November 17th, 2009 (9 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

Amazing choice on the menu - especially for vegetarians! Always consistent in quality and portions. Great service and prices are very reasonable!

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5 from Mazzer (7%) on November 13th, 2010 (8 years ago)

Bengal Spice, 8 Montagu Terrace, EH3 5QX, Edinburgh

Ive just moved to the area so it's hard to find good takeaways. A leaflet came through door so I thought I would give it a go. My food was spot on, and I'm a fussy eater when it comes to takeaway food. Rice was just the way I wanted it, the chicken tikka masala was the right colour, thickness, flavour, everything I wanted it to be, sag aloo had a nice kick to it and the garlic bread massive!

Fast delivery and reasonable priced. Soo soo good I will be defo ordering from them again.

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