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indigo (yard)

Scottish and British Restaurant and Bar/Pub

3 out of 5 3/5 from 9 reviews (add your opinion)

7 Charlotte Lane

Phone: 0131 220 5603
Fax: 0131 226 4556

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Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 0830-2200
Sun: 0900-2200


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9 user reviews:

3.5 from craig777 (100%) on November 26th, 2007 (11 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

I have eaten here several times and never had a bad meal. The atmosphere of this place is good as it is always busy but can be a bit cramped if you don't get a booth. The menu can be a bit limited in terms of what other places are offering but you can usually find something to suit everyone. Staff tend to be not the most attentive and you will be waiting a bit to get served/drinks/food etc but as long as you aren't in a rush it's fine.

I have had salads, club sandwiches etc for lunch and they have always been very good.

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2.5 from jcaughey (75%) on November 21st, 2007 (11 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

Indigo Yard isn't really anything special. It isn't great but it isn't bad either. I love the kooky building though and the way it is laid out.

Went there for a lunch today, I had a crayfish and avocado salad with lemon crème fraiche dressing which was huge! It was nice but not very lemony. My two fellow diners both had club sandwiches, also off the lunch menu. They both cleared their plates. Club sandwich is the way forward for a lunchtime meal.

The staff were ok, but I had booked ahead and when we arrived there was someone in our table so we had to have a drink at the bar while we waited for our table. The staff were also a bit slow in terms of taking our order and bringing the bill even though there weren't many other tables in there. They were pleasant enough though just not particularly attentive!

The bill came to about £36, which included a large glass of house wine and 4 beers so not too dear.

Pub grub - nothing to get too excited about!

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3.5 from Meng (69%) on September 24th, 2008 (10 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

Indigo Yard? More like Food Heaven. A revelation. Hallelujah! Praise be! Read on readers. Read on..

Once again the Platinum Blonde bounced her lovely figure my way, waving a 2-for-1 voucher. Knowing what happened previously at Rick’s, dare I risk playing it again Sam? We booked our table, made our reservations and picked up our coats before we go-go.

I’ve been to Indigo Yard many a Friday booze-up when I still worked at the West End. Friday’s and Saturdays are plenty of suits, drunks, beautiful people, footballers entourage (managers, bodyguards, hairstylists, synchophants and other assorted louche hangers-on). This is Yuppie central after 6, the basslines can be thumping so a romantic meal for two is best avoided at peak out-of-office times. You have been warned.

But book well and play your cards right, the food here is a delight. Breakdown:

Mains: Monkfish tail (£12.85) for her, Fillet of red snapper (£11.25) for me. Please note with the voucher we only had to pay for the monkfish.

This was served with home cut chips, fries, rocket & watercress salad, with caper & mint sauce and lemon & chive butter.

We ordered a side: green beans with crispy pancetta - £2.75.

And for dessert: Chocolate tart with raspberries & vanilla ice cream - £4.95.

Analysis? Someone in the kitchen must be paying attention to the main grills because the fish is delish. The fleshy monkfish tail had that excellent savoury quality one looks for in a fleshy delight. The fillet of red snapper melted in my mouth, and the combination of the prepared spuds and interestingly wilted salad meant the menu has been finetuned to a posh nosh pub grub fish n’ chip dinner that is equal parts gigglingly grown-up, mischeviously mature, famishingly fun and surprisingly spontaneous. If none of the previous adjectives apply to you, none of the previous main courses will appeal to you. Indigo Yard will have none of you riffraff around here.

No shelled fish for you shellsuits!

The sides were crunchingly delicious. Mind you, the green beans were both fresh and crunchy, drizzled with olive oil and a twist of salt and cracked black pepper. If there was something wrong, the crispy pancetta did not live up to it promises. But that is nitpicking on my part.

I could not find fault with the chocolate tart. It was simply delicious, and an excellent palate cleanser after our dalliance with the Meal Aquatic.

This place can be noisy. This place can have a distracting atmosphere where you have to shout at your dining partner and waitress in order to be heard. This place also has a simple menu designed to simply appeal. Avoid the usual pub grub staples (burger, steak, etc) and go for something more exotic, and I can assure you, you will be rewarded. Hell the burgers and steaks are probably good food tood so I’ll probably come back and try them out too. As far as our dining experience went, this... This was pretty good.

All in all 3.5 out of 5? Why? 'Cuz this Yard ain’t Indigo baby, tis’ Gold for its grub.

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rachybaby's image

3.5 from rachybaby (68%) on October 12th, 2007 (11 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

I ate here last night and have come to the conclusion that Indigo Yard has both strengths and weaknesses.

In terms of atmosphere and surroundings Indigo gets ten stars- I love the whole rustic, cosy feel - it is really quite romantic; a good choice for a first date perhaps?!

Indigo is part of the Montpeliers chain so food doesn't differ from the likes of Candy, Montpeliers, Ricks... you get the idea. If you have dined in any of these restaurants before you will probably agree with me in saying that you know what to expect when it comes to food - good and hits the spot, but nothing special.

With the Montpeliers chain you tend to pay for the surroundings, service and atmosphere. Indigo certainly doesn't lack in any of these.

I also like how the bar is slighty off the beaten track - this means that it is usually a hot spot with the locals and fails to attract annoying tourists (no offence!).

Indigo is very popular with the office crowd, especially on a Friday evening when the place is packed full of suits and everyone is keen for a bit of 2 4 1 cocktail action.

Overall, it is a very atmospheric bar/restaurant which is definitely worth going to for a few drinks as long as you don't mind the office crowd!

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1.5 from Bryan (42%) on February 12th, 2008 (11 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

Decent pub food but only 1.5 stars for having 'yard' in parentheses. Completely pointless.

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3 from Will (30%) on June 14th, 2012 (7 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

In a nutshell, go for a drink as the menu is pretty good, but I'd advise eating before arriving. Went in here last night, as many have said before, it has it's strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths: The decor was great. There was a nice atmosphere with the football on TV but the sound off so everyone was having good conversations. Also, a really good selection of wines and beers on tap.

Weaknesses: The staff are a bit over run on a busy night (like last night). They were all very pleasant and helpful, lots of smiles and man a "thank you" but with the amount of people they didn't really get the chance to do their job properly I felt. When we arrived out our table which had just been cleaned, there were still bits of onion and salad that hadn't been removed by the waitresses quick wipe. After 5 mins sat at the table I had to go and ask for a menu which took another 3-4 mins to come. As I said though, it was rammed, every table was full inside and only 3 waitresses were dealing with it, so I do feel the staff were making the best of a bad situation.

Strength and weakness combined: The food was real hit and miss. Starters were OK, duck pancakes with hoisin sauce for me, tasty but fairly small and the duck was a bit on the dry side. My wife had sweet potato and coriander soup which was excellent, came with some really nice bread too. For her main my wife had a chicken and potatoes dish with a mustard and honey dressing which was very nice, the chicken was juicy inside and crisp on the outside, but I would say that it was only about half a chicken breast which was outnumbered 3-1 by the potatoes. I had an 8oz steak burger which was the best of both worlds. The burger itself was excellently cooked, slightly charred on the outside, cooked properly inside with a nice bit of bacon and cheese on it, but it was served in a really rubbish bun that looked like it was from a cash and carry and it fell apart as I was eating and the contents just kept falling out. Also, it was served with a really pointless dry salad with only two types of leaves in it. I mixed it with my wife's mustard sauce which made it very nice tasting, but still lacking in substance.

For dinner and drinks we paid £30, which wasn't bad, but I wasn't impressed enough to think I would go back for food, however I won't be against going back for drinks.

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3.5 from foodie (26%) on October 28th, 2007 (11 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

I can't say it better than rachybaby (review above) but all I will add is that it's worth getting on the Montpelier chain's email list - because you'll get occasional 50% off your meal deals and other offers valid at places in their stable of restaurants.

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2 from Griffith (11%) on June 5th, 2011 (8 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

Used to be really REALLY good - great food, funky decor, friendly staff (David, where are you?), great coffee, comfy outdoor area. So good, we went every weekend, sometimes twice. Indigo started looking very tired and scruffy about a year ago and it's 6 months since we've been. A complete refurbishment is well overdue - the loos are a let down as the wood panelling is rotting and they smell on a weekend lunchtime visit. Don't take the booth by the entrance to the toilets whatever you do, but I'd be back like a shot if a refurb took place.

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4 from Gingerjax (7%) on June 19th, 2011 (8 years ago)

indigo (yard), 7 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ, Edinburgh

To Griffith (the last reviewer) - this restaurant/pub was actually refurbished earlier this year and they have certainly spruced it up slightly.

The food is excellent value during the week with the 2 courses for £10 deal and the quality itself of the food and the portions are excellent value for money. The wine outside of the deals are a tad overpriced but its a nice relaxing atmosphere after a hard day at work, and lets be honest, there are not many places in the city centre that have such a nice beer garden.

My only complaint is regarding some of the newer and much younger bar staff. The lad with the dark curly hair in particular, he would rather chat to his mates sitting on the other side of the bar than serve customers and he really really needs training on how to pour a pint as the legal 5% head on a pint looks more like 40% especially when he is pouring Guinness. The rest of the staff however are all well trained, and highly attentive.

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