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Ma Potter's Chargrill

American and International Restaurant

3 out of 5 3/5 from 2 reviews (add your opinion)

Unit 71, Ocean Terminal

Phone: 0131 555 6700

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Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:


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Tags: mapotterschargrill restaurant licensed american international

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2 user reviews:

4 from RoseRodent (35%) on July 23rd, 2011 (7 years ago)

Ma Potter's Chargrill, Unit 71, Ocean Terminal, EH6 7DZ, Edinburgh

We have not visited Potters for a number of years after having had some poor experiences in view of the price. We returned recently for a birthday meal and it did go a lot more smoothly. They did attempt to seat us by the window unlike before when they'd seat us in the middle of the restaurant even when seats with a view were available. Service was quick and efficient, and they did manage to bring exactly what we'd asked for, which is unusual with my problematic food allergies.

My husband ordered sausage and mash and the herb mash was very nice indeed, though I think that dish was ambitiously priced considering it's sausages and potatoes! I ordered a steak and jacket potato, which is priced in keeping with similar establishments. It's more expensive than chains such as Brewer's Fayre, but was ten times the quality of steak. It was well cooked and there were no nasty gristly surprises in there. It was a little fattier than I personally like, but it was easily eaten around.

It loses stars only on pricing - it's nice but it's really not *that* fancy in there, not enough to justify their prices and then the addition of a service charge on top, those prices ought to be inclusive. Service could get irritating if you are trying to settle as they do ask you quite a lot if everything is OK. Seriously, if your customer is smiling, talking and eating the food, do you need to interrupt them to ask if the food is OK? It's a little intrusive to be asked so often. I'd have to go a few more times to check that they really have pulled up their game, but it was certainly better than when we used to dine there a few years ago.

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2 from woozyss (23%) on September 4th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Ma Potter's Chargrill, Unit 71, Ocean Terminal, EH6 7DZ, Edinburgh

Went here on Sunday morning for a fry up. Had been before and had relatively decent food so as we were in Ocean Terminal thought it would be worth going again. Wrong wrong wrong.

Boiled sausage. What the hell? The sausage was completely white, we asked the waitress pointing out we expect sausages to looked cooked, be a bit brown. She told us it hadn't been grilled or fried but basically boiled in hot water. Couldn't bring ourselves to eat it as it looked completely raw.

The fried eggs were solid, the fried mushrooms consisted of one mushroom. Hashbrowns were alright. Everything else shocking. Got £1.01 off the bill for the sausage complaint.

Will not be back.

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