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Italian, Mediterranean and Pizza Restaurant, Cafe and Takeaway

2.2 out of 5 2.2/5 from 3 reviews (add your opinion)

10/12 Antigua Street
Leith Walk

Phone: 0131 556 8383
Fax: 0131 556 4349

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Price: ££££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: Yes

Takeaway: Yes
Delivery: No

Opening Hours:
Sun-Wed: 1200-2300
Thu: 1200-2330
Fri-Sat: 1200-0030

Tags: massimo restaurant takeaway cafe licensed pretheatre wifi italian mediterranean pizza leith walk playhouse theatre business lunch coffee pasta seafood steak

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3 user reviews:

3.5 from craig777 (100%) on May 12th, 2010 (9 years ago)

Massimo, 10/12 Antigua Street, EH1 3NH, Edinburgh

I went here for a pre-theatre meal last night as I had been keen to try their Edinburgh set up. I have been to their one in Glasgow a few times with my dad. For pre theatre they do 3 courses for £13.95 with a shortened menu - but I have to say the menu they had on offer did offer a lot of variety in the choices. Starters ranged from salads, smoked salmon parcels, soups etc and mains you had a variety of pastas, pizzas as well as 2 chicken dishes and a fish dish so all in all a wide range of things to choose from.

For my starter I had smoked salmon parcels filled with baby prawns and marie rose sauce which was very good. The helping was just right for what you would want. Other meals taken were a salmon and potato salad which was very nice and also a dish of 4 cheese sauce with mushrooms which was baked and also very good.

For mains I had sea bass served with baby tomatoes and roasted vegetables - the portion was very good sized! Sometimes you find with pre-theatre they give you smaller portions but this was not the case. Other mains had were fusili pasta with gorgonzola, pine nuts and broccoli and also pasta with cherry tomatoes and baby prawns these both looked very good and again were very bit portions.

All in all a 2 course meal for 4 with 2 bottles of wine, 2 glasses of wine and 3 coffees came to £106.00 so wasnÂ’t too bad. Overall the restaurant was good - I have been in better Italians but have most definitely been in worse. I would like to go back and try their full menu sometime as having had a look online they do have a a few more things which I would like to try.

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1 from jamesleon (61%) on February 7th, 2011 (8 years ago)

Massimo, 10/12 Antigua Street, EH1 3NH, Edinburgh

While I ate here about a year ago and enjoyed the food quite a bit, a recent lunch there has completely put me off. Starters from the £10.50 set lunch menu weren't bad. Mixed crostini - the toppings we had to guess - were perfectly serviceable. A home-made fishcake was fine, if a little greasy.

Things went tumbling downhill after this. I had a chicken breast in a tomato sauce with courgettes and fried potatoes and what a shop of horrors it was. The chicken was butterflied, and poached for some reason (I think, though quite possible microwaved), which rendered it sloppy, bland and actually quite weird. Where on earth had this poor chicken been? The tomato sauce was dire, and for gods sake if an Italian restaurant can't make a half-decent marinara sauce, then something major is wrong. This was poor quality tinned tomatoes with chunks of gooey courgettes in it. The only redeeming feature was the fried potatoes, but these did well by comparison.

Across the table however, was the probably the worst plate of food I have ever seen. Billed as 'penne pasta with brocolli pesto (whatever the f**K that is) and pine nuts'. This was actually gummy cheap pasta swimming in a soup of greasy water and raw garlic (massive thick slilces of it) garnished with huge lumps of yellow-grey brocolli and roughly 5 pine nuts. A plate of food has never made me feel so angry. I didn't complain, which is unusual, but I wish to god I had. We just got up and left with a view to telling as many people as possible not to eat here.

In short then - please, DO NOT EAT HERE.

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2 from ElleJ (12%) on March 8th, 2010 (9 years ago)

Massimo, 10/12 Antigua Street, EH1 3NH, Edinburgh

I'll keep this review short. If you're Italian then I wouldn't order any pasta especially a Carbonara as they added chilli in mine (I wasn't impressed). Pizza is ok, nothing special. A real let down, but if you want somewhere nice to sit then it's the place to go.

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