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Indian Takeaway

3.5 out of 5 3.5/5 from 4 reviews (add your opinion)

45 Raeburn Place

Phone: 0131 315 4646

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Price: ££

Takeaway: Yes
Delivery: Yes (free on orders over £15 within 3 miles)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 1700-2300


Takeaway Menu

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4 user reviews:

4.5 from jcaughey (75%) on November 13th, 2007 (11 years ago)

Shanaz, 45 Raeburn Place, EH4 1HX, Edinburgh

The best Indian take away in Edinburgh. Very small with a kitchen you can see into as you sit and wait for your food. This place is excellent and the food is simply gorgeous. The peshwari naan is the best I have ever had. Delicious - you must try!

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Ishkhara's image

4 from Ishkhara (55%) on March 8th, 2010 (9 years ago)

Shanaz, 45 Raeburn Place, EH4 1HX, Edinburgh

Having first used Shanaz a couple of years ago the opportunity to revisit this tiny takeaway presented itself on Saturday night. As jcaughey mentions the kitchen is actually open so you can watch your food being cooked while you wait - and the chef getting his cuppa brewed for him! :) The food took around 20 minutes to cook and was tasty and pleasantly spicy. Our shared chicken chat was tangy and my main of garlic chicken was gorgeous, really full of herby flavour and not just over-poweringly garlic. A good prod of chilli and a light, non-greasy sauce. T'other half's lamb was beautifully tender and, judging by the speed which it was devoured, pressed all the right buttons. A nice touch were the foiled bags which the naan bread was packed in - they stopped our naan from going cold on the way home, as so often happens. They have some interesting dishes at Shanaz which we're eager to try (especially the Mexican/Indian crossover dish!) so I think it's safe to say that we'll be back. Not sure it will ever wean me completely off Monsoon, but Shanaz is a hidden gem deserving of high praise!

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4.5 from Will (30%) on June 6th, 2012 (7 years ago)

Shanaz, 45 Raeburn Place, EH4 1HX, Edinburgh

After walking past a few times and loving the smell we ordered some delivery one rainy night recently and we were not disappointed.

We ordered online at 6.05pm, an email came immediately to tell us the food would arrive between 6.50 and 7.05pm but it arrived just before 6.30pm. Very very fast.

Had a vegetable biriyani, chicken masala and nan. All portions were huge (we ate half for lunch the next day) and the food was really good, just the right level of spicyness to balance with the flavour.

I have had better tasting Indian in another restaurant I reviewed before (just), but Shanaz beats this one in terms of size of portions and the service was perfect, so an equal rating.

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1 from Jon boy (12%) on February 27th, 2011 (8 years ago)

Shanaz, 45 Raeburn Place, EH4 1HX, Edinburgh

Ordered food from here regularly in the past, with no problem - usually excellent value and food top quality!

Recently however this cannot be said- last twice we have ordered a delivery we have not had our full order delivered and when we called - we were hung up on - after ringing again we were informed that they were too busy to come back and give us the rest of our order and would take the price off the next order, as this was the second occurrence of this we asked for our money back or the food to be delivered as we were not satisfied with response as this was the second time this problem had arisen, the staff promised to return at end of evening with the cash as they ha too many deliveries - 2 days later we are still waiting!

Not going to try them again when there is a plethora of good Indian food delivery options available now!

Two stars - but now thinking actually one star as bad service is worse than bad food!

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