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Indian Restaurant and Takeaway

2.2 out of 5 2.2/5 from 10 reviews (add your opinion)

25 Union Place
Old Town

Phone: 0131 557 5098
Alt Phone: 0131 557 5099

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Price: ££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: Yes
Delivery: No

Opening Hours:


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Tags: shezan restaurant licensed indian shezantandoori takeaway

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10 user reviews:

3 from Bryan (42%) on September 5th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

I have to confess I was a little drunk as I staggered in here last night at around 7:30 for a pre-arranged curry with some pals. I'd spent the previous 4 hours in Mezz at the foot of Broughton Street (fortunately Mezz does not appear on so my sarcastic comments about the state of their minging cocktails will remain unsaid).

Back at the completely empty curry house, I drank some Cobra and then some more. The poppadoms arrived but with only two dips (the chilli tomato one and the yoghurty one) The normal ones like lime pickle, mango chutney, and onion arrived bizarrely with the starters. I had a chicken tandoori which became chicken tandoori with lime pickle. Don't laugh, it worked!

Then I had lamb biryani which was OK - the lamb and rice was nice but the sauce was fraudulent - looked like it had fallen out of a jar and been introduced to some chillies. Completely vast course, really shouldn't have had a starter as well but I'd had diminished responsibility when I ordered so...

Can't really get over the fact that this biryani, essentially a mountain of rice with some meat in it cost £13 where it would cost 40p in India and be much nicer.

No idea what the bill was as I left early feeling nauseatingly full, I guessed £30 and made my excuses.

Waiting staff were better than usual (I have previously been served by someone chewing gum), they were friendly and smiley and accommodating.

Good enough curry, there are better places but it was OK.

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3 from A MacDonald (12%) on March 25th, 2012 (7 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

Think above comments are harsh - especially on the service - we visit Edinburgh around 6 times year and always visit Shezan - the staff so courteous and friendly and have always been very attentive - our meals have always been great. Very tasty and value for money - last one was 2 starters, 2 mains, naan, 2 deserts and 4 drinks for £52. Def will be back and would totally recommend to friends!

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1 from Andrew (12%) on August 14th, 2009 (9 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

Do not visit this restaurant!

I went on a Thursday night at 8.30. The restaurant was about half full and I took that as a good sign. We ordered some drinks and these came promptly enough but this would prove to be a misleading start. We ordered some chicken curries, rice, naan, chick pea chat (starter) and asked that they be brought at the same time - yes, yes, yes said the waiter. 30 minutes later the chick pea chat arrived. We waited. The waiter did not check to see how we were getting on. 20 minutes later, after managing to flag down a different waiter, we enquired about the whereabouts of the rest of the food. It was in the kitchen ready for when we had finished our starter!

So 50 minutes in we still hadn't been served our order.

The starter went back to the kitchen and we were promised that all dishes would be served in 5 minutes. 10 minutes later the food did arrive. It wasn't worth the wait.

The rice was stodgy and not fresh, and they brought the wrong order - pilau not plain. The kasmiri chicken tikka and chicken jalfreizi seemed identical and little better than Tescos ready meals. For this privilege we were charged £50 exactly (convenient!) with no apology or good will gesture.

There are many good Indian restaurants in Edinburgh - this is not one of them. Total fail.

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2.5 from Colin (12%) on April 26th, 2010 (9 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

Table was booked - we had to wait (despite the restaurant being almost empty). They got the drinks order wrong - there were only two of us. The pakora was good. That's the best I can say about the food. The staff were pleasant enough, but overly attentive. I am suspicious that they take cash only. Why no credit cards? Won't be back.

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5 from Val Adam (12%) on April 30th, 2012 (7 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

My husband and I had a meal in The Shezan last Saturday, 1st time since it reopened. It was really busy and we had not booked, however they made us feel very welcome and asked us to take a seat while they got a table ready. We eat out regularly in Indian restaurants and have recently ate in a few of the top ten in London. We were very impressed with both the food and the service. We could not fault a thing. We will definitely be back soon. It was also nice to be recognised as it's been a while since we were there last.

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1 from Danny (12%) on July 27th, 2011 (7 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

Oh dear... avoid at all costs!

I think there is a litter bin close by that would have nicer surroundings and better food!

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1 from Good Indian Food Persuer (12%) on August 8th, 2011 (7 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

My partner and I decided as we were in Edinburgh to have an Indian meal, and in Edinburgh surely we would have not just a good Indian meal but a great Indian meal. BIG mistake. Huge. Massive.

We decided and chose Shezan, surely a reputable and decent restaurant, just across from the Playhouse. Must be great 'let's go there luv'.

We went inside and were asked to have a seat, before being showed to our seat.

The waiter advised 'There is a seat at the bar', we didn't mind as a delicious meal is what we wanted.

We were shown to our seat, which was indeed right next to the bar and very close to the table on the other side of us.

However, we endured and patiently waited for one of the waiters to ask what we would like to drink. 6-7 minutes later we were asked what we would like to drink, ordering our meal at the same time. I ordered a special Lamb biryani without shrimps, which I am allergic to ! My man ordered a South Indian chilli dish. About 15-20 mins later they brought our meal... WELL! Guess what - my Biryani had shrimps! It was advertised as prawsn! Oh my... it was taken back, while my man ate on his own for about 10 mins. When they brought my meal back, with prawns removed, no replacement sauce as the original sauce was cold, and the smell of shrimps remained.

So... what we did was get up and advised the waiter that the service was shocking, the meal was shocking and the wine was shocking and walked out.

Just because you are just across the road from the Playhouse does not mean you can rip people off £25.00 for a mixed grill.

The worst meal and service I have ever experienced in my life.

We will stick to our regular restaurant Amritsar in Kirkcaldy - brilliant food brilliant service. Well done guys - you're the best.

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1 from Anon87 (8%) on August 12th, 2012 (6 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

Point blank putting this straight, the service of this place is appalling! To be spoken to the way I was by what was known as the owner of this place was disgusting there was no need for the "I own this restaurant" attitude and as a professional businessman he should know much better!

Sadly the food wasn't up to scratch either - I got veg rice and the potatoes in that weren't cooked properly and still hard. Everything, even the mild dishes still had a bit kick in them. Even the yogurt and mint sauce had a spice kick in it.

Sadly I don't really recommend this place to anyone. No offence to the place but I think that the level of the service was a joke! We asked three times for our bill before we received it. And everything took forever to get to us. I think the place as a whole needs a big revamp! And it also perhaps a whole new management for that matter!

Unless your looking for a pathetic "I'm too cool I own this joint" place with an argument then don't go! Enjoy somewhere else!

Sadly Edinburgh you have let me down!

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5 from StarryTowers (7%) on March 11th, 2012 (7 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

I'm extremely surprised by the less than complimentary reviews on here, because The Husband and I liked the Shezan Tandoori. We liked it a lot. We visited on a whim with less than an hour to spare pre-ballet at the Playhouse. We were offered a special Theatre Menu with 3 courses for £15. A good deal, but not what we were after.

The Husband had a main, I had a starter, and we shared a bunch of appetisers as we sipped on a couple glasses of the very palatable house white wine.

The dishes were nicely presented and very tasty. Fantastic food and great service from very friendly Glaswegian staff.

We both enjoyed our quick visit to this comfortable and pleasant restaurant, and will be back. Many thanks to the staff.

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1 from foodwarrior (6%) on July 24th, 2010 (8 years ago)

Shezan, 25 Union Place, EH1 3NQ, Edinburgh

BOOOOM... listen to me, I know what I am talking about - 27 yrs of hard core munching and still a slight size 8/ fat size 6. Either way, this curry house is rubbish by even a tramp's standards...

Key words: expensive, alright service (manager keeps giving evils), poor taste, guarantee excessive toilet time... no joke, boyfriend and friend and even... wait for this... the foodwarrior herself, were all taken down to sh*t town!

The travesty began with an extremely pricey plate of poppadoms. Seven pounds... were they made by truffle fed Oompa Loompas?!

We were completely conned as it was listed as 85p on the menu, that's it, with no indication how they charge. Turns out for 4 poppadoms and a tray of standard condiments, costs £6.95... margin of a zillion percent - that's evening robbery!!!

~£10 for drinks (2 little Cobra and an appletiser) but I am not one that would opt to save dosh to forgo good food - the basic requirement of my duty to this planet as a food warrior - (my persistence in going to my favorite Szechuan place in London despite repeated loo time, each time justify my dedication!).

BUT down to business, the food was nothing to write home about. My yadeeyadda masala - impressively extensive name, low quality didn't even taste of any spice, the sauce was blitzed to resemble what you see later in your loo... no veg in sauce, your usual bits of tomato and onion...

Saag gosht... ass boshed (enough said).

A korma borema - if you can't be authentic at least do a good western korma. Even my Chinese grandma can do a better job Bland as water and visually revolting - waterblown chicken floating on watery yellow soup. Portion size: gourmet style. But again I don't want too much of this anyway.

If you're going to cook rubbish, you better watch your back cos FW is in town...

Remember guys, average is never good enough.

Till next time... FW on a crusade.

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