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Silver Bowl

Chinese Restaurant and Takeaway

2.2 out of 5 2.2/5 from 3 reviews (add your opinion)

311 Leith Walk
Leith Walk

Phone: 0131 554 5709

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Price: ££
Licensed: No
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: Yes
Delivery: Yes

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 1700-0000
Fri-Sat: 1700-0100


Takeaway Menu

Tags: restaurant takeaway chinese silverbowl delivery

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3 user reviews:

boroughloch's image

3.5 from boroughloch (33%) on December 13th, 2009 (9 years ago)

Silver Bowl, 311 Leith Walk, EH6 8SA, Edinburgh

As Andrew said below, they took over 1hr to have the food delivered to us. When we called, I made sure how long it would take (as it was Friday evening) and the guy told me it would be 45 min. But we had to wait over 1hr, so I decided to give them a call what was going on. The guy explained that the driver just left the restaurant and would be here shortly, which was true.

But the food tasted quite nice. Some of the gingers could have been cut smaller. Their prawn crackers were really nice!

(*although the fortune cookies were all soggy... not quite edible...)

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1 from Andrew (12%) on November 30th, 2008 (10 years ago)

Silver Bowl, 311 Leith Walk, EH6 8SA, Edinburgh

I had used this takeaway before, food was okay but delivery was near an hour. I tried again last night and I'm never using them again. Delivery took 2 hours for 3 items. However none of the 3 I got were mine. I phoned up and was asked if I wanted a credit to my card or a replacement. Seen as it was now 9 at night and I'd eaten nothing I asked for a replacement. Which I waited for another hour! I received a phonecall from the delivery driver around 15 minutes after the first delivery asking if I had the receipt for her next delivery. Yes I said. I had to read all the details of it to her - but she assured me I had the correct meal. I did not. A simple mistake but she now wanted to collect it and deliver it, I had already opened it taken one bite and realised it wasn't mine. This didn't impress her. This entire experience didn't impress me and I'm not going back. I know it was a Saturday and they're busy but all other takeaways can manage, at least when I order pizza I get it within the hour.

I really wouldn't use them, they appear very smart and professional but the service just doesn't match and the food isn't as high quality or pleasant as you would expect. I largely suspect there is a huge element of reheating when you order as there is something not quite right about it when it arrives.

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2 from Joyce (12%) on March 13th, 2011 (8 years ago)

Silver Bowl, 311 Leith Walk, EH6 8SA, Edinburgh

Used this restaurant for the first and last time last night. The delivery took two and a half hours to arrive, the driver phoned just over an hour after ordering to give me grief about how far away we were, although the restaurant does not specify any area and in fact charges more than double the delivery charge than most other restaurants. When the food did arrive, it was disappointingly average, although it too was more expensive than most takeaways.

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