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The Dogs

British and Scottish Restaurant

3.6 out of 5 3.6/5 from 19 reviews (add your opinion)

110 Hanover Street
New Town

Phone: 0131 220 1208

The Dogs

Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:

Tags: restaurant licensed scottish british bistro thedogs tijuanayachtclub tijuana

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19 user reviews:

3.5 from craig777 (100%) on February 17th, 2009 (10 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

We went here for a Sunday lunch the other week for the first time and had a lovely lunch for myself and 8 friends. It is a very much no frills restaurant but it does the job. The menu is very limited with a variety of starters, mains and puddings but it is nice to see a different menu to what you would expect from a city centre restaurant. The portions arent the biggest which some may see as a down point but having eaten a main and had time to let it digest the portions sizes are actually spot on.

The prices are very reasonable with most mains being under £6 which is probably about right for the portion sizes you are getting.

One thing to note is that it is not child friendly - no high chairs or changing facilities.

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andy's image

4.5 from andy (83%) on May 10th, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I never give 5 star reviews (nowhere's "perfect"), but this relatively new restaurant on Hanover Street where Tijuana Yacht Club used to be came pretty close. Three of us ate there last night (Friday). We had a fantastic meal. Excellent value, no nonsense British food well cooked and served with a smile.

We started the meal with a bottle of English Chapel Down bubbly. At £40 it was a bit of a splurge, but worth every penny. The wine list continued to entice us and we enjoyed an excellent red Italian (Primitivo Bricco, I think) with the rest of the meal. It was one of about 30 red wines they had to choose from under £20.

I had wild mushroom rarebit to start. Very tasty, and a good size for a starter. For main I had one of their specials - a roll of lamb breast. Quite a fatty cut of meat but beautifully tender and the accompanying veg was perfect. And a huge amount of food for less than a tenner! One of my friends had boiled salt beef for his main which wasn't really to my taste but he raved about.

For dessert a couple of us had bread and butter pudding and the other had rhubarb and custard.

With the bubbly and one of their more expensive reds and 3 courses each, the bill still came in at under £40 a head. It would be possible to eat for half that price if you just go for 2 courses and a glass of wine - absolutely unbeatable value for this quality of food in this part of town.

I will be returning soon! Make sure to book - they still seem to be riding the wave of a bunch of good reviews they received upon opening.

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4 from jcaughey (75%) on March 26th, 2009 (10 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

Went to the Dogs on mother’s day with my family. I had booked in advance and had been told it would be rather busy and so our lunch time slot was 2:15, this was fine as my parents were coming up from the borders and I love a Sunday lie in!

I don’t think the Dogs was quite what I was expecting... we had a table through in the front room that looks across Hanover Street. I felt the layout was very French, I liked the mismatched chairs and the church pews – it was all very kooky but I do think the walls do look a bit bare and could do with a few more pieces of weird and wonderful Dog memorabilia.

Lunch menu was very cheap but not a huge selection to choose from. I opted for the pear, stilton and almond salad – deeeeeLISH! It looked like rather a small portion which was deceptive because it did a good job of filling me up. My dad and brother both had fish and chips which they both said was lovely and my mum opted for a broccoli bake, again she said it was scrummy. The food was served on retro old china which both my mum and dad recognised from when they were growing up. Nice touch. Although you have to pay 80p for a portion of bread, it was worth it; it had clearly come just come out of the oven and the waitress had to warn us not to burn ourselves!

The Dogs also offered a carafe of wine rather than a bottle; again a good touch, can’t remember what type we chose but it was white! The wine glasses were all different shapes and sizes adding to the kookiness.

For pudding I had cheese and oatcakes – the oatcakes were homemade and really good, though I do think I could have done with a couple more as there was too much cheese for the number I had. My dad had chocolate cake with beetroot jam which was really interesting and my mum went for carrot and walnut cake, again really good.

Service throughout our experience was very good, relaxed but attentive. We were served by several different waitresses and they were all very helpful and friendly. Another thing to point out, is that the Dogs is child friendly, there were a few tables with young children there and for the centre of Edinburgh it would seem a good option to go if you were taking a young family out.

For our 4 mains, 3 puddings, carafe of wine and a bottle of beer for my bro, including a tip we paid £50. Excellent value for money. I shall be back.

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rachybaby's image

3 from rachybaby (68%) on July 1st, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I went here a few weeks ago with my parents for lunch. It was OK but I doubt I would go again.

I would just like to point out that most of the previous reviews listed here are in relation to their dinner menu. Their lunch menu, on the other hand, is a strange mix. I had haggis which was fine but my Dad had some form of herb soup - can't remember what exactly but it didn't taste very nice. Desert selection was poor - opted for jelly and ice cream and, quite frankly, have had ten times better at a kiddie's birthday party.

As I have heard more good reviews than bad I would possibly give "Dogs" the benefit of the doubt and return to sample their dinner menu. However, as a result of my most recent visit I certainly won't be rushing back anytime soon.

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4.5 from irishphat (61%) on August 12th, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

Well... I thought it was time to give this place the benefit of my opinion and I must say I am very pleased.

Arrived at 9 and was seated promptly (we booked) we weren't in a rush but this proved to be quite a quick meal. Bottle of wine was selected and plenty of choice sub-£20.

Menu seemed to be different from those reviewed already but it was varied, interesting and pleasant.

We had Cauliflower and stilton soup and a beetroot risotto both of which were excellent.

This place cuts out all of the "service" which is really unnecessary so if you would find being asked to keep your starter fork for your main objectionable then you may not want to go. We found it quite refreshing.

The main was served (Ham, leek and mushroom pie with mash) on a large plate and my other half dished it up. On the suggestion of our waiter (the owner I think) we went for some very tasty and freshly cooked green beans.

All in all we ate everything we were given and were glad of it. Skipped dessert as we had cake at home! Took our time finishing our wine, paid the bill £41 and wandered off very happy with ourselves.

It was very busy and has the List Award for best newcomer 2008 on the wall (originality & commitment award). I'll go again certainly and would recommend others too but I would say don't expect to be treated like royalty - just dig in!

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3.5 from jamesleon (61%) on February 22nd, 2010 (9 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

A more recent meal left me slightly disappointed with the usually excellent Dogs, although it was perhaps my fault for choosing salads as a starter and main. This isn't really a salad place, but they weren't up to standard. Crispy pigs ear salad starter could break teeth, and I'm sure there were ingredients in there which didn't belong. Something fishy (Iiterally) lurked, suggesting cross contamination. Hmmm....


Meal tonight 22/2/10, confirms my comments below. A restaurants operating at the top of its game, there is nowhere better in Edinburgh to eat right now for the same price.


From November 2009...

Basically, the Dogs effortlessly fits the paradigm of 'modern British cooking'. Taking a leaf out of the St John book of nose-to-tail eating, the menu is full of interesting and appealing choices, using cheaper (and I think tastier) cuts of meats and game, cooked simply and with care. This time I had excellent lamb sweetbreads, and probably the best piece of pork belly I've had (see my review of Blue), served with a fantastic butter bean and black pudding mash and good green beans. A side of chips were again, perhaps the best Ive ever had, both perfectly crisp and fluffy on the inside – if they weren't triple-cooked, then the chef is hiding a real secret. A desert of lemon and thyme posset was expertly judged in flavour and sweetness.

For £25 a head all-in (3 courses, bread, booze and coffee), this represents incredible value for quality significantly ahead of restaurants with a comparable price-point. The Dogs is proof that good food need not be pricey. ex

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profeta77's image

3.5 from profeta77 (49%) on September 2nd, 2008 (10 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

The restaurant is just ok.

Service is correct: they just did their job without being really friendly and not really welcoming. We sometimes felt like being in a school cantine.

Food is correct: the menu is simple scottish/british food such as rib-eye steak, cumberland sausage and mash, fish cakes, roast pork belly and a few specials. We had mackerel salad and we shared a sausage and mash for 2. The good point in the menu is that they had quite a few courses you could share.

Price is correct: £40 for 2 courses dinner for 2 including £14 bottle of white wine.

I would not go back myself but it is worth going and checking it out if you're nearby.

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1.5 from Rawlie (44%) on January 15th, 2010 (9 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I wrote a review yesterday and in my anger I wasn't really fair - it was more of a rant than a review so I am going to do it again now that I have cooled off.

I am upping my score from 0.5 to 1.5.

Right - my welcome on arrival was dismal, rude and made me want to leave before I had even sat down. The owner barged past us without even a hello, welcome etc and the next person I saw (one of the waiters) was just very rude and unhelpful. Not a good start.

By this point I was already not enjoying my experience but still, I sat down, ordered and ate.

The waiter we had for our table was good (nice chap with lovely colourful tattoos on his arm) and quick and friendly.

One of the party asked to change his mushy peas for something else and this was just too much hassle for them and they talked him (in a sort of mock-rude way) into having the mushy peas.

I ordered the smoked haddock pate. It was nice, well textured, good flavour but I could have done with an extra piece of toast to go with it (only got 2 small pieces). have to say the fish and chips looked excellent and seemed to go down well with the rest of the party.

Overall the service at the table was quick and friendly and the food was good and very affordable (we were there for lunch).

Service and first impressions are so important and there is no excuse for making your customers feel like dogs before they even sit down.


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vegasmonkey's image

4.5 from vegasmonkey (28%) on July 1st, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I had the pleasure of dining with the now legendary "andy" at The Dogs (see his review above for menu chat). I have rated this restaurant slightly higher than Andy, mainly for the quality of the eating experience. I found The Dogs to be more than just a no-nonsense fashionable eatery. Our waitress was polite but at the same time relaxed and familiar. The decor is homely, it was more like going around to a friend's for supper than eating out in a restaurant. Perhaps the hype will hurt this place, it would be truly wonderful to have discovered The Dogs hidden away in an unfashionable part of town. As it is, the restaurant has some big recommendations to live up to. I was not disappointed and definitely plan to go back.

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3.5 from peld (21%) on October 13th, 2008 (10 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I was a bit apprehensive before we went to try The Dogs - all the critics' reviews seemed excellent but the user reviews were less than complementary.

3 of us went for an early dinner and each of us had the soup of the day (black pudding and mushroom) for starter, then had the squash risotto, the pollock, and the special (chicken & ham pie and mash). Together with a bottle of wine it came to less than £50. Service was good, and we left 6 clean dishes, which is as good a comment as you can leave.

I haven't given it more than 3.5 stars as the atmosphere was quiet and my dish (the pie) was quite bland. I'm sure I'll be back however as for the money you can't go wrong.

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4 from DrKolarBear (16%) on July 2nd, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

The food here is tremendous and reminiscent of an Edinburgh gentrified version of Fergus Henderson's heroic St John in London. Lunchtime prices are obscenely low and the pork belly made me want to rear pigs and hang them myself.

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edidiner's image

5 from edidiner (13%) on October 21st, 2012 (6 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I finally got to the The Dogs on Saturday, after hearing so much about the good value menu, I have to say it it was great!!! Good food and service.

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5 from leigh hunter (12%) on April 4th, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

It is so nice to have good food, good music, and good staff cause it all equals a great experience. Get yourself to "The Dogs" it is a must.

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3.5 from Nick (12%) on May 18th, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

A revelation in dining in Edinburgh it would seem - honest, totally unpretentious cooking from a chef with enough confidence to prepare a simple, but delicious no frills rice pudding for desert. It's almost disconcerting until you remember the prices. One of the major reasons I'll be back is the waitress was smoking hot. Seriously.

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2 from Sarah (12%) on July 10th, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I’d had this place recommended to me by a friend (who hadn’t actually been, but had heard good things). I booked it for my Mum’s 60th birthday as a treat.

Anyway, I’d had a bit of a dodgy feeling about it from when I booked, I don’t really know why. I’d asked the guy on the phone if I could take a birthday cake in and he’d said that would be fine. When I took the cake in in the afternoon before the meal, the reception I received was less than friendly. I was told that we were not allowed the table confetti I had bought. Not a problem I guess, but the guy practically scoffed when I said I’d brought the cake in (as agreed on the phone).

Our table (for 7 people) was booked for 9pm and the initial reception we received was fine. Our waitress (who told us it was her first night) was absolutely wonderful, answering our questions regarding the menu in a ‘new keen girl’ yet genuinely caring kind of way. She was honestly exceptional! It’s a shame the same could not be said for the ‘Waiter’ (who wasn’t ‘on’ our table, thank the lord), who I have now come to understand is the owner! What a funny little man he is! From the outset this guy had a serious problem with us. Whether it was because we were a large group (although there were various other tables of 4-6 people) or whether it was because of the cake awaiting us in the kitchen, I really have no idea. The numerous disgusted looks, slamming water jugs on the table, blatantly ignoring us, clearly [--] to other staff about us…I just do not know what this guy's problem was! When I later found out he was the owner I was astounded at his behaviour! Why would someone who owns a restaurant behave like this towards his customers… the mind boggles! Anyway, needless to say I won’t be returning.

Oh, and the food was fairly average!

The best thing about the night was the waitress, who received a hefty tip for rescuing our otherwise dismal evening!

Now I FINALLY understand why it’s called ‘The Dogs’…

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5 from Nat (12%) on August 21st, 2009 (9 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

Great, honest simply food. Would recommend the fish and chips to everyone.

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1 from craig finlay (12%) on December 4th, 2009 (9 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

Heard good things about this place and was extremely disappointed to say the least. Mussels in garlic sauce were average at best. Belly of pork as a main was disgustingly underdone and a total waste of money.

However, the most alarming aspect of my visit was the restaurant's policy on cutlery. Apparently - and this beggars belief - the staff prefer that customers use the same cutlery for each course! Or at least that's what our waitress told us when I asked for a clean fork to eat my main. In fact, the only time she was pleasant was when asking for a gratuity tip. Forking disgrace!

Dull menu. Poor service. Bad food - stay away.

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3.5 from mandy (12%) on January 7th, 2010 (9 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

My friend and I went to The Dogs last night. I had read several good reviews and was curious to see what all the fuss was about. I was impressed with the atmoshphere... fully booked and buzzing on a Wednesday night. So we sat at the bar and ate our meal. My ham hock terrine was great, my friend had some really decent sardines on toast. We both had the venison liver for mains - pretty well cooked and tasty. Then came the pudding menu. I loved this place until the dessert choices appeared. I picked the best of a bad lot. I've never seen whipped cream in so many disguises on a menu in my life... mince pie PARFAIT, lemon POSSET, whiskey TRIFLE, ICE CREAM. They have to get a pastry chef. The amount of culinary skill on that dessert menu was shameful. My friend's parfait was just what it said it would be... whipped cream and mushed up mince pies. Mine was a posset (though quite a heavy and sickly one at that). I should have had the cheese.

So, overall: starters, mains, atmoshphere, service were brilliant. But desserts let them down. Easily sorted though... get a pastry chef.

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brian's image

3.5 from brian (10%) on May 28th, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Dogs, 110 Hanover Street, EH2 1DR, Edinburgh

I've already been to The Dogs twice, and I hardly ever go back to a restaurant twice in a short space of time, so that says quite a lot about what I think about this place in itself. The food is good and the prices excellent. The most recent time I was there was a Monday night and they were still booked solid so there's always a good atmosphere.

The service on my last visit wasn't as good as the first time I was there. It was still good, but the waitress we had first time was nicer.

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