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The Living Room

British and Scottish Restaurant and Bar/Pub

3.6 out of 5 3.6/5 from 7 reviews (add your opinion)

113-115 George Street

Phone: 01312260880
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Fax: 01312257391

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Price: ££££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:

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7 user reviews:

4 from craig777 (100%) on February 21st, 2011 (8 years ago)

The Living Room, 113-115 George Street, EH2 4JN, Edinburgh

I went here for dinner last week on a Wednesday night on a list card deal and had a great meal. The menu is hugely varied and there were a load of things i could have gone for but I ended up going with the seafood risotto and my friend went for the prawn Thai curry. The portions were perfect size and my risotto had loads of seafood in it - sometimes places can only give a few pieces. We both ended up going for puddings - luckily I went for the best one! I opted for sticky toffee pudding which was brilliant - a huge portion with loads of ice cream and sauce. My friend went for the chocolate brownie which was good but she was disappointed with the size of it (so used that as an excuse to eat some of mine!)

Mains here are between £10-15 for most of the ones of the menu, steaks etc will be slightly more. Puddings are around £5-6

I have to say our waiter was very good as well - he actually had an opinion when we asked what main he would recommend between 3 which we couldnÂ’t decide between. He could knowledgably talk about them and the flavours/spiciness of them so helped us with our decisions, then he came over to check during the meal that we had made the right choice so really made you feel like he cared and knew about the menu.

I have usually only been here for drinks in the past but had a great meal and would recommend to those looking for somewhere on George Street to eat. Their cocktails are good as well :)

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rachybaby's image

4 from rachybaby (68%) on October 2nd, 2007 (11 years ago)

The Living Room, 113-115 George Street, EH2 4JN, Edinburgh

I ate here twice this weeked (once for lunch and once for dinner) - rather extravagant I know!

However, the food is lush... On Saturday night I had a seafood risotto which was delicious then I had chocolate fudge cake - yum! The restaurant was busy (obviously being a Sat night) but the food was served quite quickly. Main courses vary from £9 - £20 so it is more expensive than most restaurants but I would say it was worth paying the little extra. The dining area is very grand with separate booths down the side adding extra privacy which is nice.

The following day I ate here for lunch and again, was impressed. We had bruschetta, tiger prawns and two side order of chips and potatoes along with drinks and it was £10 each. Very reasonable.

Our waitress was not as pleasant in comparison to the waiter from the night before but she was efficient and our food arrived quickly once again.

Highly recommended.

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3.5 from irishphat (61%) on April 3rd, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Living Room, 113-115 George Street, EH2 4JN, Edinburgh

I've had lunch here several times. Brought clients in and they're always pleased. Good food, decent service. It's always busy but I've never had to book a table and the atmosphere is nice and lively.

Food has been enjoyable and moreish and the staff were usually fun and engaging. Don't recommend the chicken skewers but everything else has been very tasty. Fish and chips is especially nice. A pal of mine is very keen on their steak sandwich and I've always enjoyed their burgers.

Decent selection of lagers.

There are a couple of areas you could dine in but the main one is through the back and it's a big room, lots of booths along the walls with square tables in the middle. Plenty of room and a pretty office-type crowd during the day.

Edit: I've now been in for Dinner and all 3 of us were pleased. Slightly new menu - we had Thai fish cakes (x2) and the mushroom starter - both very good - mushrooms less so.

For mains we had the Red curry, duck and steak pie. All very tasty and everyone felt well fed. Slightly overdone presentation which was a little unnecessary. However pretty good all told. Dessert was a little wierd - banoffi in a bag. Not sure about that really. Again, a little too much presentation when all that was needed was nosh.

3 people, 3 drinks each, 2 courses (x3), 1 dessert, 3 coffees = £105

Has easily become my go-to place if stuck for a choice on where to eat. We weren't rushed in the slightest by the way.

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4 from Bryan (42%) on October 10th, 2009 (9 years ago)

The Living Room, 113-115 George Street, EH2 4JN, Edinburgh

Tuna steak and tatties dauphinoise for me, burger for pal, two pints and two coffees. Bill 40GBP.

Not cheap but the tuna was gorgeous, nice atmosphere and excellent service. I'd go again.

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3 from cjmul (22%) on October 30th, 2007 (11 years ago)

The Living Room, 113-115 George Street, EH2 4JN, Edinburgh

I was here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. It was really busy, but the waitress managed to sit 4 of us quite quickly and was very helpful.

The food was okay - I had a chicken caesar salad which was a bit small considering the price (about £9) but was fine. My friends had soup, a sandwich and a burger, all of which were nice, but not great.

Good atmosphere, but really warm in the dining area.

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2 from Al (12%) on February 18th, 2008 (11 years ago)

The Living Room, 113-115 George Street, EH2 4JN, Edinburgh

After reading some nice reviews elsewhere I thought I would be in for a treat on Valentines day with my wife.

Unfortunately I was disappointed by the staff's wish to turnaround as many tables as possible by asking us to choose our desert at the start of the meal (even when I asked if we could choose later) and then dropping off midly warm and extremely bland dishes. The price for 2, £75 excluding drinks. I've never been one to complain but with the Living Room's wish to turn a big profit and exploit what should have been a very special meal for me and my wife I've felt cheated, even robbed, and from the looks on other peoples faces, we were sure we weren't the only ones.

If you are eating at this restaurant, make sure it's not for a special occasion or a special someone.

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4.5 from Gary and Euan (12%) on February 16th, 2010 (9 years ago)

The Living Room, 113-115 George Street, EH2 4JN, Edinburgh

We have eaten dinner here several times and never had a bad meal.

We find that there is always a good atmosphere as the restaurant is usually busy (booking is advisable) and that the service is always attentive and friendly.

Our personal favourites inlcude:

Beer battered tiger prawns

Aromatic duck

Sea bass

Not the cheapest (unless you book through where you can get 50% of midweek) however it is worth that bit extra.

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