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Olive Branch Bistro

Mediterranean and Italian Restaurant

3.5 out of 5 3.5/5 from 3 reviews (add your opinion)

91 Broughton Street

Phone: 0131 557 8589
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Fax: 0131 557 8736

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Price: £££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 1000-2230


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3 user reviews:

4 from craig777 (100%) on March 13th, 2008 (11 years ago)

Olive Branch Bistro, 91 Broughton Street, EH1 3RX, Edinburgh

I went here for lunch today and I have to say I really like this place. It is always full at lunchtime so make sure you book if you are planning on going.

Quite a scottish menu I had smoked salmon and prawns to start with which was a good sized helping - lots of salmon. For a main I had a sandwich which came with chips and again was a good sized helping. I have had a full main there before (Crombies Sausages and Mash) which was brilliant - too much if you have a starter though. My partner had chicken as a main which also looked good.

Prices vary depending on what you have:

Starters approx £5

Sanwiches approx £6-7

Burgers approx £8

Mains approx £10

The only draw back of this place is they try and cram too many people in to the space. You dont notice it once you are sat down but sometimes getting into your seat can be a bit of a mission.

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3.5 from Craig (25%) on October 15th, 2007 (11 years ago)

Olive Branch Bistro, 91 Broughton Street, EH1 3RX, Edinburgh

I like this place - the atmosphere is good, the decor is attractive and comfortable, the staff are friendly and the food is good. BUT... it lacks something! There is something missing which stops this from being really great and although they may only be little touches, they do count. Ordered a 'gourmet' burger and yes it was tasty - handmade and chunky - but was served on a bog standard burger bun. Would have liked a nice rustic, crusty cob roll and not something factory made. Especially true when you consider that it is not especially cheap.

I will go back as it is overall a good place and provides a relaxed and enjoyable place to share a lazy lunch with friends but it hasn't done enough to secure a place in my favourites list!

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3 from nic001 (10%) on July 31st, 2007 (11 years ago)

Olive Branch Bistro, 91 Broughton Street, EH1 3RX, Edinburgh

The decor here is lovely, big windows comfy seats. Everything was fine. I just felt that for what you got and the price you paid there was a big difference. My friend and I went out for lunch. We had two starters and two mains and two drinks which came to around £30.00. The only problem was that the size of the portions were very small. My friend had morrocan chicken (roughly £11.00) which tasted fine, but it was half a chicken breast (butterflied to make it look larger!) and about half a cup of cous cous. I had a starter of chicken and chorizo, which again had a nice flavour to it, but it was two cubes of chicken and two cubes of chorizo for around £4.50/£5.00. The staff were attentive, the food tasted fine - not the best I have ever had but most definitely not the worst - but really you would always need two courses!

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