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The Sizzling Scot

Steak, Scottish and British Restaurant

4.5 out of 5 4.5/5 from 4 reviews (add your opinion)

103-105 Dalry Road
EH11 2AB

Phone: 0131 337 7744

The Sizzling Scot

Price: ££££
Licensed: Yes
Pre-Theatre: No

Takeaway: No

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 1200-1400
Mon-Sat: 1700-2200

Tags: pretheatre restaurant licensed scottish thesizzlingscot steak british sizzlingscot loyaltyoffer

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About featured reviews featured review:

Good hearty Scottish food in the West End


Dalry Road. Opposite Somerfield and a bunch of charity shops. Hardly an ideal venue for a nice restaurant, you might think. And you'd be right - it's not ideal. But once you get inside and nestled into one of the cosy booths that constitute the majority of the seating, there's nowhere you'd rather be. Especially when if it's lashing with rain outside as it was on the evening we visited.

We ordered a bottle of Australian Shiraz Cabernet from the varied and well-priced, if slightly uninspiring wine list. To start I had black pudding on a bed of mash and my dining partner had vegetarian haggis. I suffered from a little food envy here. The black pudding was a little bland, and while the tasty red onion marmalade accompaniment went some way to make up for that, the vegetarian haggis looked like a more satisfying starter.

We both went for steaks for main course. It would be silly not to in a steakhouse, right? There are actually lots of other options on the menu but with a big emphasis on meat throughout. Vegetarians are limited to vegetable-based impersonations of some of the meat dishes - vegetarian burgers and sausages. I went for the 8oz rib-eye steak and Jenny had the 8oz sirloin. All of the beef is described as Aberdeen Angus. As someone from a farming background, I am aware that in itself beef labelled Aberdeen Angus does not necessarily guarantee quality. But The Sizzling Scot also go to great pains to let their customers know that their meat is sourced locally from reputable suppliers and this certainly shows in the quality of the food.

I ordered my steak medium-rare and Jenny had hers medium-well (I know - criminal!). As you'd expect, they were both cooked perfectly to order and proved a real treat. The accompanying pepper sauce was good. The accompanying potato (chips for me, mash for Jenny), onion rings, mushrooms etc. were unremarkable, but the main event - the 8oz steak - could not be faulted.

Out of sheer greed and the desire to sample something from every course on the menu for the purposes of this review, we had their cheesecake of the day (white chocolate and rhubarb) and rhubarb and apple crumble with custard for dessert. The cheesecake was nice, but predictably rich with the white chocolate and the portion simply too large having just finished a hearty steak! It would have been ideal to share. Portion control was carried out with greater aplomb on the crumble, but unfortunately the yumminess couldn't match Jenny's gran's crumble efforts.

The bill came in just shy of £70, so not a cheap meal out by any stretch. Of course, three courses was totally unnecessary though, and we both had steak. So all things considered, it was a good value, good quality food, good service in a slightly not so good setting. So that's 3 and a half goods, so 3 and half stars seems about right!

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4 user reviews:

4.5 from jwjlewis (64%) on July 17th, 2007 (12 years ago)

The Sizzling Scot, 103-105 Dalry Road, EH11 2AB, Edinburgh

Amazing. Great food cooked just right. Certainly no nouvelle cuisine will be found here! The staff were exceedingly friendly and helpful, in just the right measure. And then came pudding, this was pie with cream, ice-cream or custard, or if you ask nicely - ALL THREE!

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4.5 from JoeyPike (40%) on May 6th, 2009 (10 years ago)

The Sizzling Scot, 103-105 Dalry Road, EH11 2AB, Edinburgh

There's a lot to like about The Sizzling Scot, the staff are great, the steaks are absolutely delicious and the desserts are just as good if not better than the steaks (and that's a tough thing to be!!). The main courses are all presented very simply which is the way it should be with a great steak, if you're looking for flashy, you're looking in the wrong place.

It's true that the location isn't the best but at the end of the day, it doesn't detract from the dining experience at all.

The only issue I have is that the booths are a bit snug. While I am on the chunky side, even my five foot two, skinny mother in law commented that it was a bit like eating on a busy plane.

A bit more space and it might have made a whole extra star, as it was, it just wasn't comfortable enough. Next time, I'll be asking for a table, maybe then I'll edit and add the extra points!!


Update 10/10/2009

Went back to the Sizzling Scot and made a point of booking for a table and as expected, it made it much more comfortable and I'm adding that extra star!

As for the food, if you're a carnivore, I have only three words for you...

The Braveheart Grill.

This dish has...

wait for it....

SEVEN - different - kinds - of - meat.

Yup, seven. Hmmmmm.

Oh, and two kinds of bread, three types of veg and one egg.

Bye bye belt...!

(I'm still light headed and feel the meat sweats coming on but absolutely worth it.)

I've never seen three people with perfect steaks look jealous of another dish until tonight.

Not a dish for regular consumption unless you carry your own defibrillator but for once in a while, absolutely spot on.

I'm off for a very contented lie down.

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5 from Audy (6%) on June 16th, 2011 (8 years ago)

The Sizzling Scot, 103-105 Dalry Road, EH11 2AB, Edinburgh

Steak cooked just how I asked. Staff very helpful. Excellent every time I have been in. Added bonus for me: walking distance from my home - recommended.

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4 from Ozscot (3%) on April 16th, 2010 (9 years ago)

The Sizzling Scot, 103-105 Dalry Road, EH11 2AB, Edinburgh

Went in for the early dinner special (before 6.30) - absolute bargain - £10 for 2 courses. Nicely presented and good quality, will definitely be heading back soon and friendly staff.

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